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Software Company for the Telecom Industry

Software company for the Telecom industry for sale

IT or ICT business for sale

  • Size: medium-sized
  • Revenue: > EUR 7M
  • Employees: The company has more than 50 employees
  • Location of the Software Company for the Telecom Industry: Europe
  • Reason for sale: The owners are looking for strategic investors in order to retire gradually.
  •  #CFIE ITS005

Overview of a software Company for the Telecom Industry

The owners of a software development company are looking for a strategic buyer in order to gradually retire. The management team is getting very gradual to the retirement age. For each of the management team members the time of retirement could be determined in cooperation with the requirements of a future buyer. The software development company has many major telecom companies as client. At the moment the software development company is not actively for sale. However, it would be good to get an idea of possible interested parties so the discussion can be picked up directly when appropriate.

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Profile (strategy) for the Software Company for the Telecom Industry

The company develops and delivers software solutions for the Telecom industry. The company's solutions allow telecom clients to manage their processes more efficiently given the software solutions are programmed by the company for sale. The company is also active into document management software for other industries. The company has a very broad knowledge of the domestic telecom market especially in the area of software development. Given the further pressure on price and the large competition between telecom companies further automation is required. The way to manage this automation is via software development. This is exactly the type of services the company provides.

Activities and services of the Software Company for the Telecom Industry

The company develops software activities for the telecom industry such as:

  • Consulting in the area of software
  • Development of new software solutions for the telecom industry
  • Quality checks
The company has many different type of clients which can be found in the following industries:
  • Telecom industries (with a focus on providers)
  • Governmental organisations and companies operating in the public sector
  • Financial Service companies
  • Security related companies (for example security agencies)

Highlights for the Software Company for the Telecom Industry

  • The company is a software house with deep knowledge in the telecom industry
  • High quality software development skills
  • The owners are expanding the business and are looking for strategic investors to take over at the stage of retirement

Information for the Software company for the Telecom industry for sale

This company has been sold. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding other software companies for sale in Europe. If you are a software buyer please visit the section Software companies for sale or please review the following seller companies: 

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