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Snack producer in Europe for sale

Company for sale

  • Industry: food
  • Revenue:  <10 million EUR
  • Location: Europe
  • #CFIE FOS026

Overview of this snack producer in Europe for sale

Potato chips/crisps are made from fresh potatoes, vegetable oil and flavourings. It takes about 4 tonnes of potatoes to make 1 tonne of chips/crisps. The potatoes must have a high dry matter content and must have a low level of reducing glucose in order to ensure the chips have a light golden yellow colour. Different vegetable oils are used for frying. Nowadays sunflower oil is the preferred oil type used. 

Over the last ten years the industry has changed towards high oleic varieties of sunflower oil in order to reduce the level of saturated fat in its products by up to 80%. The growing popularity of healthy snacking and global market dynamics show a great investment opportunity in the nuts industry. Revenue in the European snack food segment amounts to >53 million USD in 2020. The market is expected to grow annually by 3.8% (CAGR 2020-2025). This snack producer in Europe for sale is a well-established company with more than 45 years of experience in snack production and distribution. 

Profile (strategy) of this snack producer in Europe for sale

This snack producer has regionally famous brands, therefore the owners are satisfied with the brands’ strong market position. They work with almost every retail chain in their home country and many countries across Europe. The management focuses on providing sustainable quality. The sales team is qualified, their hard work shows in the growing sales numbers. The company has a wide range of distributors and their products are represented in more than 10 European countries. 

The production takes place in a modern production facility in their home country. The top-quality equipment and modern packaging system ensure sustainable quality. The company has reliable customer relationships and returning customers are signs of customer satisfaction. The revenue is <10 million EUR with an opportunity for further growth and expansion in additional European countries. 

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Activities and products of this snack producer in Europe for sale

This snack producer has a great history in Europe thanks to the high-quality products that are well-known, for example:

  • chips classic,
  • chips paprika,
  • chips sour cream,
  • ribbed chips classic,
  • ribbed chips paprika,
  • ribbed chips ketchup,
  • ribbed chips chilli,
  • crispy sticks,
  • popcorn,
  • etc.

This snack producer has free capacity to generate more revenue and achieve additional sales goals.

Highlights of this snack producer in Europe for sale

  • The high-quality snacks are well-known and due to the reliable distribution network are represented in most European countries. 
  • As there is free capacity, this snack producer can expand and make more profit out of it. 
  • The owners would like to sell 100 % of their share but minority stake can also be considered. 
  • Key people of the company are ready to stay after the acquisition.
  • For a larger company expanding in Europe this company is a great opportunity with promising future perspective.

Information about this snack producer in Europe for sale

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this snack producer in Europe for sale, the owners are open for discussions about the sale of their shares. Please let us know if you want to know more about this company. For more companies for sale, visit the section companies for sale. If you want to review buyers of companies, visit the section companies wanted.

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