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Slaughterhouse Spain for sale

Company for sale 

  • Equity Value 3.5 m€
  • Business Value 2.9M €
  • Sales: 4 M Euro average
  • Location: Spain
  • Employees: >21
  • Asking price: Full stake, Progressive share purchase (initial minimum 51%), combination of share purchase vs capital increase, etc.
  • Reason for sale: The owner wants to retire. 
  • #CFIE027

Overview of the Slaughterhouse in Spain for sale

The company was born in Spain in the early eighties dedicated to the wholesale trade of meat products of cattle in general. Its high quality and innovation make them very competitive and pioneering in the sheep, goat, pig and beef sector.
The Slaughterhouse in Spain has facilities, machinery and qualified personnel to meet quality standards and achieve the satisfaction of its customers with each of its products. 

Profile (strategy) of the Slaughterhouse in Spain for sale

The Spanish Slaughterhouse have a strict compliance with quality standards; they have certifications that have allowed expanding the business, marketing both nationally and internationally fresh and frozen meats. The long experience and business trajectory allowed them to develop and promote the commercialization of other products in the sector.
Specific techniques are used to allow the customization of products, according to the needs of their customers. In addition to the production and distribution of fresh and frozen meats, they have specialized in HALAL. This has given them great recognition as experts in this technique.
In order to obtain certification, audits must be carried out, documentarily evaluating the systems in terms of quality and production, testing of samples taken at the factory and final products. At the same time, the personnel involved in the various steps of production, cutting operators, processing, distribution, etc. are evaluated.
The Slaughterhouse in Spain has a portfolio of loyal customers, offering products that meet their needs with maximum satisfaction, being recognized as a professional supplier in the sector.
The company has modern facilities, know-how of the area, loyal staff and equidistant geographical location to some of the most important markets. 
In this way, it has the ability to develop the entire process downstream, from the reception of animals to post-production storage and distribution of meat.

Activities and products of the Slaughterhouse in Spain for sale

The company has different product lines: 
  • SHEEP (Lamb and Sheep) - Mainly 
  • CAPRINE (Kid and Goat) - Mainly 
  • PIGS (Pork, Piglet) 
  • BOVINE (Veal)

The Slaughterhouse infrastructures encompass the entire meat production process from the corral, slaughter rooms, skinning, cutting, packaging, freezing, cooling chambers and post-production storage.

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Highlights of the Slaughterhouse in Spain for sale

The company has more than 40 years of experience in the field of recognized prestige in the sector (sheep and goats). A buyer who wants to grow or expand his presence in Spain can benefit from this. These are some highlights of this company for sale:
  • Business unit with growth potential increasing the production capacity and diversification of the product offer.
  • Strong possible entry with a strategic and well-known partner in Spain.
  • Modern facilities.
  • Highly qualified and committed team.
  • Income greater than 10%.
  • Sales increase every year.

Information of the Slaughterhouse in Spain for sale

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this Slaughterhouse in Spain for sale. If this Slaughterhouse in Spain does not fit to your requirements, feel free to ask for other companies in our section companies for sale in Spain. For buyers of companies please visit the page companies wanted in Spain.