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Sharia compliant gaming company for sale

Sharia compliant gaming company for sale

  • Revenue:  the company is still cash flow negative and in a start-up phase
  • Investment: 50 - 250m US$
  • Location: Asia and Middle East
  • Reason for sale: Shareholder is looking for financial investors that grow the venture across multiple countries
  • #CFIE V002

Overview sharia compliant gaming company for sale

An Asian sharia compliant gaming company is looking for a large strategic buyer or financial investor with very deep pockets to enable the company to grow and start-up operations. The client is a sharia compliant gaming company in Asia and the Middle East that can grow across many countries. The total investment amount is flexible and can be between 50 and 250 million USD or more. The company is still cash flow negative. Investors are offered an adequate stake in newly formed legal entries per country still to be developed or a stake in the mother company. There is flexibility concerning the participation model in this sharia compliant gaming company for sale. The procedure to sell this sharia compliant gaming company is as follows:  after a first expression of interest and signing a NDA, interested investors in the sharia compliant gaming company will get further information and the business plan.

Profile (strategy) of sharia compliant gaming company for sale

A strong executive team is in place, covering a range of key proposition sectors and skills. CVs and biographies are available upon request. Early investors are being offered equity in the global company (i.e. TopCo). Topco will receive revenues in addition to those from the local operations which will not be shared with the local operating companies, specifically multi-jurisdictional product revenues and revenues from the deployment of the IP. ‘In tandem’ or joint venture potential for cornerstone investment in particular countries. Due to launch next year in first country of operation with interesting forecasted annual gross revenues. A cornerstone investor has been signed up and formal applications are well underway including a final Fatwa following a successful religious ruling. Formal support across institutional and government stakeholders is in place.
The company has identified an initial group of target countries with the potential to deliver a further interesting gross revenues from a phased rollout. Discussions with potential stakeholders and government representatives have already been initiated in some of these target countries. The company has the management and experience in this region of the world. The sharia compliant gaming company for sale has developed a further base for fast growth.

Activities, products and services

The company focuses on the development of a sharia compliant gaming platform.
  • The core product depends on the use of the companies unique IP in the Sharia compliant structure for the prize element and this is reflected in the various Fatwas that allow for a combination of local and multi-jurisdictional elements
  • Further add-on products developed or under development – multi-jurisdictional proposition, recreational and instant-win games
  • Two of the core products in development, which are cross border in nature, enhance both the investment and charitable elements of the original product, and therefore it’s potential to drive financial inclusion. This charitable element is itself enhanced by a unique approach to crowd funding
  • The Product is multi-faith and also works as an alternative to traditional lottery offerings - so there is no limit to geographic expansion range
  • The companies top-line income is estimated to average 10-15% of gross sales revenues for each country

Highlights of the sharia compliant gaming company for sale

The sharia compliant gaming company for sale has dynamic management. Here are some highlights of this sharia compliant gaming company for sale:
  • A Sharia compliant, multi-benefit retail product which includes a prize-linked savings element
  • A highly commercial and socially beneficial product that drives Financial Inclusion at the level of micro investment - a key institutional policy aim the world over
  • Strong interest and support has been expressed from a number of government agencies and regulators that have been introduced to the concept
  • The Product has been developed over several years from the ground up with the involvement of prominent Muslim scholars and with key non-reversible religious rulings obtained
  • The Product and its processes are secured by robust patents for 45 jurisdictions – including: Europe, the USA and emerging markets
  • Patents defining technological infrastructure and business processes combined with religious authority guidelines fortify the product’s implementation rendering it impossible to circumvent

Information on this sharia compliant gaming company for sale

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this sharia compliant gaming company that is open for strong financial investors. Fill out contact form (get in touch).