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Serbian plastics recycling company for sale

Company for sale in plastics

Company for sale

  • Sales: 1m Euro
  • EBITDA: 150K Euro
  • Location: Serbia
  • Employees: 10+
  • Reason for sale: Owner is looking to retire
  • CFIE-T034


A Serbian plastics recycling company is open for a sale. Get more information about this Serbian plastics recycling company for sale now.

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Profile (strategy)

The company collects plastic products (mainly bottles)in Belgrad and sorts these in its own factory. Upon basic market research the total volume of plastics waste in Serbia is annually 330.000 tons, therefrom:

  • PET (bottles) 88.000 tons
  • High density polyethylene and other hard plastics 80.000 tons
  • Low density polyethylene bags- soft plastics 133.000 tons
  • Other types about 20.000 tons.

Besides pure statistics figures there are soft facts proving tremendous growth potential of for examples PET packages:

  • Due to the old drinking water network, that has to be renewed almost completely, the consumption of PET for bottled water for examples is very strong in Serbia
  • There are enormous wild “landfills” all over the country like rivers, dump sides etc.
  • Min. 60% of the PET packaging is transparent, further 30% are slightly coloured. This structure is a good basis for achieving excellent even food grade PET at best value.

Some material flow analysis show that significant volumes of plastics are being landfilled instead of being recycled and Serbia is importing plastic waste for the needs of recycling. The main reason is the lack of an efficient collecting system.

Activities and or products

The company collects and recycles plastic bottles and other plastics products.


The company has a large growth potential based the statistics from above and the low recycling of plastics currently in Serbia.


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