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Croatian Security and Protection Company

Company (security and protection company) for sale

  • Sales of the security and protection company for sale: 10.8m EUR
  • Location of the security and protection company for sale: Croatia
  • Employees of the company for sale: >1,031
  • #CFIE U038
  • Reason for sale: owners are looking to sell for personal reasons

Overview of security and protection company for sale

Since it was founded in 1999, the Company became one of the leading companies in providing highly sophisticated security and protection services in Croatia. Today, the Company is recognized as a “full service” provider of physical and technical protection in Croatia. The Company takes great pride in having the reputation of being a reliable partner. Using its reputation the company became representative of a numerous global brands of security equipment, including being an exclusive representative of AMOR CORE in Croatia. The founders of the Company are highly qualified experts in the field of security and protection services. Their core competence lies in the unique knowhow, based on years of field experience in sophisticated military and police operations, which enabled them to develop efficient business model with a strict military organization.

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Highlights of the security and protection company for sale

The Company is among the top five security companies in the market. The Company currently serves more than 900 customers and the increase in new business acquired has continued in 2015. The Company for sale is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the high growth potential in the Croatian security sector as a result of national presence, as well as, high range of security services offered. It is expected that an agile and flexible security company with a team of young professionals, will be able to take full advantage of the expected growth in the security and protection service market in the coming years.
The security company for sale plans to open a private Cash Center and expand its fleet of vehicles. There is great growth potential for cash in transit (CIT) services on the Croatian market. Currently there are only a few companies which offer this services.

In 2014, the Company posted sales revenues of 10.8 mil EUR. It is expected that the Company for sale will further increase its revenues through the development of new services and continuous growth of the market coming from Croatia’s EU membership.
The Company's current operating expenses are calibrated to support further growth in revenue without any major increase in operating expenses.
The Company is an exclusive representative of AmorCore, an American producer of special bullet resistant materials. A significant growth in sales of AmorCore products is expected due to increasing demand for special security standards in hotels, hospitals and financial institutions (safety rooms for persons, valuables, data storage).

The Company has established strong brand awareness on the market. The Company differentiates itself from other security service providers by offering a wide range of services to their customers, covering all segments of physical and technical protection. The Company provides highly sophisticated services primarily to businesses. Professionals working within the Company are capable to consult each of their customers in all security issues and solve all the security challenges they are faced with.

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