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Rumanian apple and pear orchard for sale

Company for sale

  • Sales: around 1m Euro
  • Location: Romania
  • Employees: <10 more people during harvesting times
  • Reason for sale: Shareholders focusing on other companies within the group
  • CFIE T107


A Rumanian apple and pear orchard is for sale. Get more information about this Rumanian apple and pear orchard for sale now.

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Profile apple and pear orchard for sale (strategy)

The business was started in 2007 with support from Dutch apple experts. Hence, the best global and most modern knowledge has been applied. The company for sale has a complete irrigating system (with pumping station) to provide enough water to the trees in summer. The total area of the orchard is around 10 hectare but can be further extended as is being done currently.

Activities and or products

This orchard produces all kind of apple types and some pears as well. The company has 11 cooling rooms in the warehouse and a picking and sorting area combined with offices that can still be extended.


The company has the most modern set-up and possesses high quality material. The company provides high returns (up to possibly 20 kg per three in the near future).

Information about this orchard in Romania

Please request more information about this business for sale in Romania. You can use the contact page but a phone call (+31-6-24629234) is suitable as well. If this profile is not suited for you ask for our other businesses for sale.