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Cow farm business in Romania for sale

Cow farm business in Romania for sale

  • Location: Romania
  • Size: over 800 heads
  • Price: EUR 3.2m
  • Reason for sale: After having invested and grown the business profitably the shareholders are looking for a strategic buyer to take over going forward.

Overview cow farm business in Romania for sale

A twenty year old farm business is open for a business sale. The owners are interested in a strategic buyer that wants to establish a position on that market or expand an existing presence by profiting from the current successful set up. The company’s main activity is dairy and the supply of agricultural mechanization. The company is heavily focused on quality and sustainability and benefits from subsidies from the Romanian government. The company for sale is 100% Romanian with cows from the Czech Republic and other European countries. Near the existing farm there is also more land available for expanding the farm. The area is 40,000 sqm.

Profile cow farm business in Romania for sale

The company’s shareholders are three highly successful and educated professional people from accountants to veterinary doctors who helped develop the business. The company delivers milk to customers and the farm is on a surface of 15,000 sqm populated by over 800 cows, 300 of which are between 0 and 18 months old. The farm for sale has two new stables with capacity for over 300 heads. Pictures available upon request. The stables have concrete foundation and steel structure, milking room with automatic milking plant for milking 30 head simultaneously and two drainage basins of 10 cm capacity each, which keeps milk at 4° C. The farm also has two pools of manure (with volume of 2,500 cubic meters of reinforced concrete construction) with tanker platform, associated drainage systems, pathways and platforms inside the concrete platform. In this way, the farm is equipped with all the technological conditions of growth and service. The farm has its own water tank.

Activities and services cow farm business in Romania for sale

  • Dairy
  • Agricultural mechanization

Highlights cow farm business in Romania for sale

The highlights of this cow farm business in Romania for sale:
  • This company for sale is one of the largest in the region and with potential to triple the size;
  • It has new facilities, stables and automatic milking plant;
  • It has 800 heads, almost half below 18 months old;

Information cow farm business in Romania for sale

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about cow farm business in Romania for sale looking for a business buyer. For other businesses for sale in Romania please visit the page companies for sale in Romania.