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Area for residential buildings in New York (Staten Island) for sale

Residential area project for sale in New York

#CFIE T194

Different investment possibility in a large piece of land that is currently still used by a business. This area could be developed as residential area with buildings. It could probably be best developed as a B location with a large number of flats or condominiums (condos).The condos on Staten Island could be developed by the residential developer and sold in individual pieces of real estate (usually an apartment house) that are individually owned. Use of and access to common facilities in the piece such as hallways, heating system, elevators, and exterior areas could be executed under legal rights associated with the individual ownership.

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Overview residential area project for sale

The permits for the residential area are not yet in place and this all need to be executed by the real estate developer that acquires the land for sale. By paying a lump sum deposit the developer could get a license to start the approval process for the licences. Once these licences have been approved the buyer could execute the right to purchase the land and start the building process.

Highlights residential area project for sale

  • Excellent located in New York on Staten Island
  • Direct entrance and access to waterways to get New York (Manhattan)
  • Undeveloped area so freedom exist to construct based on the wishes of the property developer
  • Opportunity to get an interesting return based on the acquisition price
  • Other alternatives to use the land can be suggested by the acquiring developer

Information about this New York located residential area project for sale

For more information on this residential development project for sale please contact us. We would like to know as much as possible about your background and plans with this residential area so we can if you are a suited investor. Please request more information about this business for sale. You can use the contact page but a phone call (+31-6-24629234) is suitable as well.