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Recycling company in Romania for sale

Company for sale

  • Sales: on average 1 million EUR
  • Location: Romania
  • EBITDA: 0 – 300k EUR
  • Employees: 20 - 40
  • Reason for sale: The owners of a plastic recycling company in Romania are willing to sell their company in case a good buyer occurs. 
  • CFIE: PLS142

Overview of this plastic recycling company 

The owners of a plastics recycling company in Romania are willing to sell their company if they find a plastic related company willing to extend their business to the Romanian recycling industry. The target company is active in the waste collection and recycling industry. The opportunity may be very attractive for an international strategic investor, oriented at small-sized companies in plastic recycling and plastic manufacturing sector.

Profile (strategy) of this plastic recycling company in Romania 

The company for sale is a small-sized company, based in Romania, with good technological know-how in the recycling business. This company for sale was founded approximately 15 years ago and currently has an experience of over 10 years in terms of collection services, capitalization of sorted recyclable materials. The company deals with multiple types of waste and recycling material, including:

  • carton
  • paper
  • PE and PP foil
  • fruit boxes
  • beer ships
  • PET
  • aluminium boxes
  • HDPE cans
  • plastic tables
  • plastic chairs etc.

The company owns storage halls and concrete platforms with over 5000 m2. The facilities of the company contain equipment for compacting and recycling waste. The company has its own car park consisting of 3.5 ton and 7.5-ton trucks.

The entire activity is provided by loyal, experienced staff with appropriate training, which could be of huge benefit to the new owner. The company currently have around 30 employees.

The company is indebted due to the investments in the company. However, the financial situation is steady and under control. The company owns almost 1 million EUR in assets like machinery, real estate, receivables etc.

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Activities and products of this plastic recycling company 

The company recycles over 300 tons of cardboard and 200 tons of plastic, the volume is constantly growing. The company, of course, has all necessary ISO certifications, regarding the quality management system following the requirements of the SR EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards and environmental management system under the requirements of the SR EN ISO 14001: 2005 standard. The company also has a certification allowing them to collect hazardous material. 

The company is currently implementing a file on European funds worth more than 1 million EUR, which could bring the new owner the opportunity to invest in the company and modernize the machinery portfolio.

The company is regarded locally as highly quality-oriented, with services provided in accordance with market requirements in terms of quality, efficiency, seriousness and professionalism.

Highlights of this plastic recycling company in Romania 

  • The company has been generating positive EBITDA results for the last 5 years
  • The company presents a good opportunity that could be considered as a good vehicle to enter the recycling market and further develop a market position of the buyer. 
  • The company due to its business presence on the Romanian market has a wide range of possibilities to get financial subsidies from EU institutions

Information for this plastic recycling company in Romania for sale

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