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Real estate management company for sale in Spain

Company for sale 

  • Size: small
  • Revenue: < EUR 2 million 
  • Employees: 23
  • Established: approximately 15 years ago
  • Location of the real estate management company: Spain
  • Reason for sale: The owner is looking for a strategic buyer to take over the company
  • #CFIE SPS001

Overview of the real estate management business for sale in Spain

The owners of a Spanish real estate management company are open to selling the business in order to allow their company to continue growing in the sector.
This company could fit buyers who would like to enter the Spanish tourism brokerage market with a proven tourism brokerage business or for larger companies that are already active in the market, that wish to expand their operations in Spain. The company has more than 14 years of experience and are engaged in the management and intermediation of villas and real estate. It is a consolidated company and benchmark for the tourist market in its relevant region; being the leader in an area with the greatest tourist potential.

Profile (strategy) for the real estate management business for sale in Spain

This Spanish company specializes in two lines of business that are independent but complementary:
  • Real estate division. The Company has contractual agreements with several banks for the sale of their real estate assets.
  • Tourism management division (rental and maintenance of villas). It offers a network of comprehensive services that providing high added value.
The company has a particular concern for the quality of their various business units, both in the real estate intermediation line as well as in the management of villas (holiday rentals).

As a result, the company is approved as a "tourism brokerage" in its relevant region and has a management portal that is well regarded on the area.

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Activities of the real estate management business for sale in Spain 

Through its two complementary business lines, the Spanish company offers solutions in real estate products and seasonal accommodation services:
In the real estate division, the company manages and brokers the following real estate products in its relevant region (mainly in the area that has the greatest tourist potential):
  • Holiday apartments
  • Urban flats
  • Houses/villas
  • Plots of land
In the tourism management division, the company offers seasonal accommodation aimed at those who visit the place on holiday, mostly from European countries. They also offer services for temporary residents for professional reasons.
The company has the following products under their management:
  • A wide selection of villas and cottages
  • Apartments
  • A network of comprehensive services: bookings acquisition, customer service, maintenance services, cleaning services

Highlights of the real estate management business for sale in Spain 

  • Fully consolidated and benchmark business in an important tourist region
  • Leader on one of the more prominent areas with the greatest tourist attraction
  • Two lines of business (diversification)
  • Approved as a "tourism brokerage" 
  • Self-financing (minimal debt)
  • Opportunity for growth in the region
  • Management portal that is well regarded in the region.
  • Owner (family) holds the entirety of the company’s shares
  • The owners are willing to discuss the sale of the company with a serious buyer from the industry

Information about the real estate management business for sale in Spain

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this real estate management business in Spain. If you are interested in companies for sale in Spain, please visit the section companies for sale in Spain