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PVC door manufacturer in Poland for sale

Company for sale

  • Net Revenue: <2M EUR
  • Location: Poland
  • Employees: 15+
  • #CFIE MAS181

Overview of this PVC door manufacturer in Poland for sale

The owners of the PVC door manufacturing company have decided to look for an investor to take over a majority stake in the company of up to 100% shares. The company has gained a strong and recognizable position on the Polish market and now the owners think a suitable buyer would help the company grow further. The owners are also open to other means of cooperation.

Profile (strategy) of this PVC door manufacturer for sale

The door manufacturer in Poland was established in the 90s by Polish founders. During these years, the company has evolved to a recognized manufacturer of PVC and aluminum joinery. Approximately 10 years ago the company extended their operations and it has set up multiple wholesale warehouses extended their own shops.

The company in Poland specialized in the manufacture of metal furniture, safety cabinets, shelves, wheels and sets of stainless or acid-resistant steel. The company produces its own products as well as products of many recognized companies.  The company has established multiple beneficial commercial cooperation relationships with other recognized manufacturers of joinery in order to grow sales. The employees are well trained in the country and abroad, they can do virtually any custom order.

The company´s main production includes:

  • PVC joinery
  • aluminum joinery
  • window joinery
  • door joinery

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Products produced by this PVC door manufacturer  

The company has a rich portfolio of products:

  • doors
  • office furniture, office furniture, and safety cabinets
  • pallet racks
  • stationary shelves and sliding shelves
  • belts and rollers
  • containers, pallet collars, and pallets
  • cranes
  • platforms and bridges
  • LED lighting including halogen lamps, bulbs, tapes
  • roller shutters,
  • other unusual equipment for shops and wholesalers

In the past, the manufacturer has co-operated with many well-known carpentry manufacturers in Poland. The company maintains moderate prices and short deadlines. The company is able to provide their clients with professional advice, technical support, and individual design solutions, thanks to its experienced staff. The company and most of its suppliers have implemented an ISO 9001 system.

Highlights of PVC door manufacturer in Poland

  • The company is a modern furniture and doors manufacturer based in Poland
  • High quality of products and recognizable position on the Polish market
  • The company manufactures PVC, wooden, door joinery

Information about this Polish PVC door manufacturer for sale

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