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Private hospital for sale in Spain

Company for sale 

  • Size: tiny company
  • Revenue: > Euro 400,000
  • Established:  year 2012 
  • Location: Spain
  • #CFIE SPS005

Overview of the private hospital in Spain

Owners of a private hospital in Spain are looking for a strategic investor or capitalist partner to increase growth prospects.
This healthcare business started activity few years ago with the objective of providing the best private health to the region where it offers its services. 
The private hospital looking for investors, offers medical solutions of the latest technology in the following areas: medical consultations (several specialties), laboratory, hospitalizations with rooms equipped for each type of intervention, diagnostic imaging, integrated operating room that allows interaction with other areas and other services.
This company could be suited to investors who wish to invest in the healthcare industry; through an option that has significant growth potential.

Profile (strategy) of the private hospital in Spain

Based on recent certified market studies, this company has bet on an increase of assistance to hospitals in the region, which considering the scarce offer of public health service in the area and the waiting patient lists, allows to suppose that private hospitals will be the ones that will capture a greater number of patients, mainly through private medical insurances.
The hospital interested in attracting investors in Spain, is the only private hospital in its relevant area that has the patient's hospitalization service, therefore, aspires to absorb the demand of those patients who must go to other regions to enjoy this service.
Due to perspectives of the healthcare market in its region or relevant area, the management of the private center has signed agreements with important insurers, which it plans to continue increasing with other similar companies, in expected an increase in the number of insured persons.
The private hospital also are planning the purchase of new equipment, which will allow them to recruit patients from specialties they do not yet offer. In addition, the administration plans the restructuring of the staff of medical professionals in order to increase the influx of patients to consultation and to the operating room. These improvements would also lead to the recruitment of public health patients, and consequently to the increase of the hospital market share and the reduction of the waiting lists of patients in the region.

The facilities of the private hospital in Spain occupy a building of several floors with intelligent design of energy control, which allows reducing the use of non-renewable energy. Likewise, it is provided with infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment and medical personnel trained to manage it.


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Activities of the private hospital in Spain

The private hospital in Spain looking for an investor, offers the following specialties
  • Consultations: service with wide range of specialties, also emergency consultations.
  • Laboratory: automatic analysis systems with an optimal clinical chemistry system, state-of-the-art hematological analyzers. High-tech microscope, Microbiology unit and blood deposits. Radiodiagnostic, Modern X-Ray Equipment, Multi-slice CT, 3D-4D ultrasound. Mammograph and densitometer.
  • Patient´s hospitalization service: rooms conditioned to each type of intervention and assistance situations.
  • Diagnostic imaging: endoscopy unit that offers gastroscopies, colonoscopies, gastric balloon
  • Operating room: integrated design of the latest generation, which allows interactive work between surgeons and other areas, providing access to all information relating to patients. The delivery room is integrated with bathtub for water birth and special care room for Neonates.
  • Other services: Consultation rental, physiotherapy, traffic accidents / sports

Highlights of the private hospital in Spain

  • Located in an area of Spain where there is opportunity for growth
  • It is a business that offers state-of-the-art medical solutions
  • It is the only private center in its relevant area that has the patient's hopitalization  service
  • the management of the private hospital has signed agreements with important insurers
  • The private hospital has also planned the purchase of equipment that will allow them to attract patients from specialties that until now do not offer
  • The facilities of the private hospital in Spain occupy a several floors building with intelligent design of energy control

Information about the private hospital in Spain 

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this private hospital in Spain. If this profile is not suited for you, ask for our other healthcare Companies in Spain in the section healthcare companies for sale. If you are interested in companies for sale in Spain, please visit the section companies for sale in Spain. We know the Spanish market. We know of additional businesses for sale in Spain.

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