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Plastic waste bags manufacturer for sale Italy

Company for sale in plastics

Plastic bags manufacturer Italy company for sale

  • Sales € 40 mn
  • EBITDA around 12-13 %
  • 110 employees
  • CFIE PLS053

Plastic bags manufacturing Company Italy for sale

The company operates since 1970s in the production of plastic waste bags manufacturing in northern Italy. It is a leading manufacturer of waste bags, like biodegradable bags, differentiated waste sacks and scented bags, both domestic and professional use. There is a product line to meet every need and a size for every necessity, from individuals to large families, up to large-scale professional use. It produces more than 1.5 billion bags a year. The company has several product lines with patents.

Profile (strategy) of Plastic bags manufacturing company for sale

The company is owned by a private equity that is willing to talk to a suitable investor. We would however like to understand your rationale and funding sources.

Activities and products 

The company manufactures following products:
  • Household waste sacks
  • Professional waste sacks, fridge freezer bags, vacuum sealer bags
  • Plastic wrap and aluminium foil rolls, garment and mattress covers
  • Dog waste bags and retailer/service station accessories

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Highlights Plastics bag manufacturing company for sale

The plastic bag manufacturer for sale has various highlights such as:
  • Variety of waste bags for different applications
  • Patented products
  • Owned by a PE

Information about plastic bags manufacturer for sale

Please contact us to request more information on this bag manufacturing company for sale. Also, let us know your strategy for buying this target so we can engage the seller to start the discussions. If this bag manufacturing company isn’t exactly the kind of business you are looking to invest in then feel free to let us know what you are looking for. You can also contact our CFIE plastic M&A team.