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Plastics company for sale in Germany

Plastics business for sale

Company for sale in plastics
  • The revenue of the company for sale is > 10m Euro
  • Almost 100 people are employed
  • The plastics business is located in Germany
  • Established 20 years ago
  • Reason for sale: The owner is getting close to the retirement age and wants to sell to a strategic buyer that can add value to the company
  • € 1.4 mn EBITDA, € 6.8 mn Total Debt
  • #CFIE PLS007

Overview plastic products business

The business for sale is part of a larger group. Products are mainly manufactured for the automotive industry. Quality of the finished products are guaranteed by the competent staff, certifications and testing procedures. The plastics company for sale has a high-level expertise in polyolefin compounding. The revenue of the business for sale is increasing year by year. One of the main customer is Volkswagen group.

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Profile company for sale in Germany

The company for sale is established around 20 years ago following a buy-out. The plastics business mainly produces for the automotive industry (86%), another important industry is logistics (9%).  To supply the production facilities, the company has 6 modern raw material silos with a total capacity of approximately 500 tonnes. Quality of finished products are guaranteed by qualified and motivated employees, practice-oriented problem-solving procedures and detailed test instructions. Products are exported to several neighbouring countries.

Plastics products and compounds

The plastics company has acquired high-level expertise in polyolefin (PP/PE) compounding. The German business also processes  EVA, PA, PBT, PC, ABS, EVOH and POM, amongst other materials. Anything can be incorporated into these polymers. The product range also includes micro pallets.

Highlights plastics company for sale

If you are looking for a company for sale that produces high quality products this business for sale might be an opportunity.  Other motives to buy the plastics business can be;

  • Last 10 years the revenue is increasing year by year
  • The company has good contacts to major automotive manufacturers
  • The laboratory of the plastics company for sale is modernized recently
  • Several certifications to guarantee quality of the business in Germany
  • Modern and up to date machinery

Information about this plastics business

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this plastics business for sale in Germany. Visit automotive companies for sale if you are looking for a company specific in the automotive industry. Visit plastic companies for sale if you are looking for a company supplying to the automotive industry and active in injection moulding.

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