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Plastic recycling company in Czech Republic for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: a small company
  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Revenue: 3-6 million EUR
  • Reason for sale: The company owners are inviting an external investor in the company’s owner structure
  • #CFIE PLS124

Overview of this recycling company in the Czech Republic for sale

CFIE was contacted by owners of a Czech company for help with finding an investor/acquirer for the share in their company. The company is not actively for sale, however, due to the larger investments in the industry, the young owner is open/interested for a strong strategic investor to grow the capacity of its recycling factory. Therefore, they are looking for investors willing to invest in the perspective of the plastic recycling business.

Profile (strategy) of this recycling company for sale

The company for sale is a Czech company focused on plastic recycling. The main specialization is EPS recycling, but they also process many other types of plastics such as 

  • PET
  • GPPS
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • PP
  • PA6
  • ABS etc.

The company is able to process this material and produce regranulates and regrinds, that can be used in further production. The company has multiple long term customers, who buy from the company very regularly.

The owners are open to discuss opportunities. However, they are not in an active sales process/mood, but open to exchange ideas and see what is good for the company. The ideal investor would be a larger company from the plastic manufacturing/recycling sector, that has a foothold in the business and wants to have operations in the Czech Republic.

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Activities and products of this company specialized in PET recycling

The company is able to recycle many forms of plastic, such as:

  • blocks
  • trimmings
  • film in bales
  • film in rolls ingots
  • lumps
  • fibres
  • films
  • scraps
  • cut-offs

The company currently employs 15 full-time employees. The company management has extensive know-how in the recycling sector and a professional team of people with long experience in the plastic regranulates and recycling industry. 

At present, the company is running at around 50% of total capacity. 

Highlights of this plastic recycling company 

  • The company has a wide portfolio of long terms customers and suppliers of plastic waste
  • The company owners are open to discuss many possibilities with strategic or financial investors
  • The company has an experienced team of employees and modern production facilities

Information about this recycling company in the Czech Republic for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this company specialized in waste recycling in the Czech Republic. If this business does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other plastic recycling companies for sale. We know the M&A market. If you are interested in buyers of companies, please visit the section plastic recycling companies wanted.

Note: CFIE only works with formal companies. We do get a lot of requests and it is difficult to follow up on all inquiries from visitors to our website. For each company, we assess the likelihood of a future transaction. We only get back to you if we see a realistic opportunity to do a future acquisition or business sale. In order to increase your chances of receiving a reply as an individual, please explain as much as possible about your personal background, strategy and fit with the target. There is also a possibility that your details will be kept on file and we will get back to you once there is an opportunity to do a transaction. CFIE can’t guarantee you will receive an answer to your request.