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Plastic parts manufacturer in Hungary for sale

Company for sale

  • Location: Hungary
  • Revenue: 1 - 2 million EUR 
  • EBITDA: positive 
  • Reason for sale: The owners are ready to sell if a matching investor occurs, capable of driving the company into a further success and revenue growth
  • #CFIE PLS133

Overview of this plastic parts manufacturer in Hungary for sale

The owners of a small-sized company, producing plastic parts and tools Hungary, with good references and growth outlook are open to good offers to sell their share. The company has more than 30 years of history. The owners are ready to talk with any buyer, but there should be a good match in order to start negotiations.

Profile (strategy) of this plastic parts manufacturer for sale

The company for sale is a well-functioning small Hungarian company, operating in the plastic production business.

The main activities of the company include the production of tools, primarily for the automotive industry, electronics and healthcare. The company’s factory performs its work with modern CNC machining machines (milling, block and wire spark) with high professional standards.

The plastic production department of this company is able to work in mass production and timely delivery. The company runs very effectively, which enables it to have a very competitive pricing policy, and loyal customers.

The company is very keen on its quality products, and it has adopted various international certificates and ISO 9001: 2009 quality standards. 

The company may be a good opportunity for a larger industrial group from e.g. Western Europe, which would want to set foot in Hungary and have production facilities there. The company benefits from a relatively low-cost labour force in the region.

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Activities and products of this plastic parts manufacturer in Hungary for sale

The company is specialized in 4 areas of activities:

  • design and manufacture of plastic injection moulding tools
  • manufacture of custom parts
  • modification and repair of injection moulding tools
  • manufacture of small and large numbers of plastic injection moulded parts

The company has a modern and new machine park, which is constantly developing to remain competitive in the market.

Most of the company’s production is being exported to other EU countries. The company owns a processing plant with almost 10 injection moulding machines, thanks to which the company is capable of mass production.

The owners are of course willing to stay in the company for a reasonable time and pass on the business know-how to a new owner/owners. 

Highlights of this plastic parts manufacturer in Hungary for sale

  • The company for sale is a small-sized business with opportunities to grow in revenue and profitability
  • The company owners are willing to sell their company to a strategic investor from the plastics industry
  • The firm has all the necessary quality certificates and modern machinery

Information about this plastic products manufacturer in Hungary for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this plastic company for sale in Hungary. If this plastics company for sale does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other plastic companies for sale. If you are interested in buyers of plastics companies please visit the section plastics companies wanted

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