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Plastic packaging company Turkey for sale

Company for sale in plastics

Turkish Packaging company for sale

  • Sales more than € 10 mn
  • CFIE PLS054

 Turkish Packaging Company for sale

The Company was founded in 1990s to operate in the plastic packaging industry located in Industrial Area and have focused on to ensure the dependable cooperations by the Process, Sales and Service quality. In 2000s, the company increased its product range and entered diversified markets. The company manufactures different kind of packaging material by extrusion.

 Profile (strategy) of Packaging company for sale

The owner want to sell 100% of the company. The CEO and shareholder of the Company is available to assist the new owners on terms and conditions to be determined.

Activities and products 

The company manufactures following products:
  • PE air bubble film
  • PE shrink film
  • PE general packaging films
  • Ready made products (bags and sheets)
  • Technical films

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Highlights of Turkish packaging company for sale

The packaging company for sale has various highlights such as:
  • High profitability and growth
  • Specialist producer of plastic packaging material

Information about packaging manufacturer for sale

Please contact us to request more information on this packaging company for sale. Also, let us know your strategy for buying this target so we can engage the seller to start the discussions. If this packaging manufacturing company isn’t exactly the kind of business you are looking to invest in then feel free to let us know what you are looking for. You can also contact our CFIE plastic M&A team.