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Leisure centre for sale in Spain

Company (leisure centre) for sale

  • Forecast Sales 2015 : 300.000 Euro
  • Location: Madrid Spain
  • Employees: 2 and the owner´s family
  • Asking price: 1.96 M Euro
  • Open to any proposal: sale, association ,investment.
  • #CFIE CGS007

Overview leisure business for sale

This Sports Leisure Centre (Pitch & Putt) is a young project of recent creation. It is located in the surroundings of Madrid and it offers an official federated Pitch & Putt field, Tennis, Football, Paddle, Swimming pool, Ice skating, Archery, Swordplay, among the most important sports you can play there. They have also facilities to serve lunches, dinners in weddings, birthdays or enterprise meetings. During the holidays they provide also activities for the younger combining the practice of sport and leisure with the learning of foreign languages.

This company has rented the land with a contract of 30 years and there is the possibility of buying the land.

Profile Spanish leisure centre for sale

The Sports Leisure Centre (Pitch & Putt) is a family owned business and has started two years ago. They offer a big array of sports to play, a centre for celebrations and a scout centre for the younger. All these in a natural landscape, among forests and mountains.

All the facilities are certified as Ecological, and are designed to reduce the maintenance to the minimum.

The shareholders of this company are opened to several possibilities and to receive different proposals.

Services sports leisure centre

This Spanish company has three different lines of services:

  • Sports: highlighting specially the Golf (Pitch & Putt) field.
  • Celebrations, weddings, enterprise meetings.
  • Scholar activities during summer.

There is also a school of golf with a practice field and teachers.

Highlights of sports leisure centre (Pitch & Putt)

Here are some highlights of this leisure company:

  • Federated Pitch & Putt field : nine greens 18 holes.
  • School of golf and practice field.
  • Several other sports: Football, tennis, Paddle, Ice skating, Arching, Sword, etc …
  • Restoration line specialized in celebrations.
  • Scout line for children, mixing sports and learning languages.

Information on this golf leisure company for sale

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this Spanish Sports Leisure Centre (Pitch & Putt) that is open for a business sale or partnership. Fill out contact form (get in touch). If you are interested in further companies for sale in Spain please visit our section companies for sale in Spain. Feel free to inform if you are looking for other companies for sale in the leisure business.