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Pharmaceutical manufacturing company for sale

Pharmaceutical manufacturer for sale

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing business in its mature stage
  • Firm located in the rapidly developing Eastern Europe
  • CFIE SY1 021
  • Highly qualified technical staff
  • Large client base

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Pharmaceutical manufacturer for sale

This pharmaceutical manufacturer for sale is located in the rapidly developing market of Eastern Europe. This pharmaceutical manufacturer for sale has been in operation for over seven decades and has a well established client base. The firm manufactures generic medicines and provides manufacturing and laboratory testing services. The pharmaceutical manufacturer employs a well experienced technical work force. The team has always and will continue to work in consideration of the firm’s mission: to improve its customer’s quality of life through better health.  The firm strives to maintain its reputation as a producer of high quality products.

Profile (strategy) of pharmaceutical manufacturer for sale

The owner of this pharmaceutical products manufacturing business for sale is seeking an investor who is interested in acquiring a majority interest in the business. The firm has over 70 years experience and has maintained through tough economical climates. Despite having over 70 years of operations the firm is still expanding and investing in net present value positive projects. The future plans of the firm include expanding into foreign markets and maintaining its strong national presence in Serbia. This pharmaceutical manufacturer has strong strategic alliances with large international firms; one of its licensing partners is Abbott. The firm’s registry in the Ministry for Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia has given it the opportunity to be involved in national and international research and development programs. Due to its high quality operations, the firm has been recognized and commend by a Nobel Prize Winner

Highlights pharmaceutical manufacturer for sale

The pharmaceutical manufacturer for sale has various highlights such as:

  • WIPO award winning company
  • Over 70 years in operation
  • Major player in its national market
  • ISO 9001/13485 certified
  • High quality manufacturing process

Information about pharmaceutical manufacturer for sale

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request more information on this pharmaceutical manufacturer for sale. If this pharmaceutical manufacturer for sale isn’t exactly the kind of business you are looking to invest in then feel free to browse the Corporate Finance in Europe website for more pharma companies for sale in the section pharma companies for sale.If you are the owner of a pharma company please check the section with pharma buyers to see pharma companies wanted.