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Transdermal pharma drug delivery company looking for investor

Transdermal pharma drug delivery company looking for investor 

  • Sales: <1M EUR
  • Investment: 300K – 3M EUR
  • Location: USA
  • Reason for sale: The owners of this R&D oriented pharma company with limited manufacturing possibilities are looking for a partner which would help them with mass production and distribution of already invented products
  • #CFIE PHS012

Overview of this transdermal pharma drug delivery company 

The owner and founder of a U.S. based non-profit R&D oriented pharma company are looking for partners to help them penetrate the pharma industry with new products and technologies. The main added value of this seller is an innovative transdermal pharma drug delivery technology, not widely used yet but with a wide range of applications. The company is not for sale as a whole, but the owner offers for sale its trade secret formulations, including TDDS as well as other products such as MRSA applications and Common Cold/flu cure.

Profile of this transdermal pharma drug delivery company

This company looking for an investor is a not-for-profit FDA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturing company, with a manufacturing capability of up to 50,000 units per month. The company operates as a product development company, has developed and licensed 22 products since its start of operations approximately 10 years ago. The company’s focus is on the development of world class products, which can deliver a unique performance.  The company is self-funded and has not accepted investment capital so far, but it does license, assign, and sell its technologies, trade secrets (intellectual property), and products to other companies.

In exchange for an investment or a partnership, the company offers the investor access to the trade secret formulations comprising IP or its main products and technologies. Patents have not been applied yet, however, the management of the seller is ready to work with an investor on securing such patents. 


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Products and services of this transdermal pharma drug delivery company looking for investor

The company is mainly a product development and licensing company. The company’s main activity is the research of TDDS – Transdermal drug delivery system. Transdermal drug delivery has made an important contribution to medical practice but has yet to fully achieve its potential as an alternative to oral delivery and hypodermic injections. The company has the world’s most advanced Transdermal Drug Delivery System with three times higher penetration than of any other competitor.

This system developed by the company has many advantages, as it is very cost effective, pharmacologically inert and ideal and stable for handling. The market for this is estimated to exceed 30 billion EUR. The company has already licensed its TDDS technology to a few companies on a non-exclusive basis. 

The company has already developed several other products:

  • topical treatment to induce stem cell healing (OTC, no prescription need)
  • topical treatment against MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, Acinetobacter baumannii, Acinetobacter iwoffi, Klebsiella pneumoniae, etc. (one of the world’s most effective treatments for above mentioned diseases, more effective than traditional antibiotics)
  •  topical treatment to heal diabetic ulcers (an innovative site-specific penetration technology, used to prevent diabetic amputations)

All of the company’s products continue to be FDA registered and available for manufacture. The goal of the company is to start the mass manufacture in the U.S., distribute and export elsewhere. The company has developed also various other technologies, with the ability to be used in any field including sports nutrition supplements, cosmetics, first-aid products. The company has a technology also in the following areas:

  • Regenerative medicine
  • Stem-cell healing
  • Broad-spectrum antibiotics
  • universal antivenom drug (proven in human trials)
  • and many more

The market potential for these innovative technologies is huge. This company is seeking partners to purchase the company and/or to license the new technology. The company also operates on the cosmetic market, and the company is able to franchise out the distribution of a new anti-ageing product with almost immediate effect to over 44 countries if an investor/partner secures manufacturing capability.

Highlights of this transdermal pharma drug delivery business

  • The company for sale is a U.S. based R&D company, having access to multiple secret technologies and drug formulas
  • The company owner now wants to find partner for a possibility of mass manufacture and distribution of its products
  • The company for sale is also open to other different cooperation and partnership possibilities

Information of this transdermal pharma drug delivery company 

Please feel free to ask for more information about this transdermal pharma drug delivery company in the U.S., looking for a partner. If this company does not interest you, ask for our other pharmaceutical companies open for a sale or open to a strategic investor. We know the pharmaceutical industry. If you are looking for other pharmaceutical businesses for sale, please visit the section pharmaceutical companies for sale. If you are looking to sell your pharmaceutical business or you know about the pharmaceutical company for sale, please visit the section pharmaceutical companies wanted.