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Packaging manufacturer company Eastern Europe for sale

Company for sale

  • Revenue: >9 million EUR
  • EBITDA: >1 million EUR
  • Location: Eastern Europe
  • Reason for sale: Reason to sell: The owners are looking for strategic investor(s) to take the business to the next level 
  • #CFIE BAH016

Overview of this packaging manufacturer company in Eastern Europe for Sale

The company is a packaging specialist across a number of business sectors and countries with experience in packaging solutions, no matter what kind and size of product and are able to deliver optimized solutions and ease of transportation of the finished paper, plastic or wood packaging materials. 

Profile of this packaging manufacturer company in Eastern Europe for Sale

Experienced designer, engineer, and manufacturer with extensive knowledge on packaging materials, industry knowledge, in-house design capability, and hands on experience, through which the company is able to provide innovative solutions in the field of packaging. In addition to the complex packaging solutions, the company is able to supply for companies looking for logistics partner. The company has capability to deliver the materials to the customers' door using their comprehensive and experiences supply chain team. It can offer any logistics solution customers require. With specialized packaging and logistic team, the company considers the operational and financial priorities of its customers in order to reduce the time-to-market, and ensure that the offered solution is integrated into the overall supply chain strategy of the customer. In order to deliver top notch products, the company is fully committed to rigorous quality assurance. Through a host of documented protocols, it benchmarks every stage of its creative, manufacturing and logistics processes. Besides serving Eastern European clients, the company has customers in Austria, Netherlands, and in the UK. 

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Activities of this packaging manufacturer company in Eastern Europe for Sale

The company offers customized packaging and distribution solutions for its customers across various industries and countries. 

Designing: the company takes into consideration the unique needs of its clients before designing the suitable packaging. Whether the customer knows or they don't know exactly what they want, the company has innovative folding ideas to help through the process of finding the ideal packaging. 

Manufacturing: after the designing process, the company manufactures the packaging out of card box, plastic or wood. Using the latest design software and digital technologies it ensures accuracy and structure of the finished material. In order to deliver perfect folding cartons, the company is fully committed to rigorous quality assurance processes and benchmarks every step in the process.

Warehousing: the company has its own warehousing space, where the finished materials are stored before shipping to the customers. Whether the customer is requiring a short-term shipping solution or a long-term inventory management, the company has solutions for both. 

Transportation: Upon request, the company delivers the finished goods to the customers through on-time or partial delivery.

Highlights of this packaging manufacturer company in Eastern Europe for Sale

  • One-stop-shop with cost-effective transportation capabilities
  • The complex distribution and warehouse services reduce overall supply chain costs.

Highlights of this packaging manufacturer company in Eastern Europe for Sale

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