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Online recruitment company for sale in Europe

Company for sale

IT or ICT business for sale

  • Size: tiny-sized
  • Revenue: approx. EUR <1M
  • Revenue outlook: 8M and growing
  • Reason for sale: The owners of this online recruitment company are looking for a buyer or an investor for an additional financial support
  • Location of the online recruitment company: Benelux
  • #CFIE ITS061

Overview of the online recruitment company for sale

The owners of the online automated recruitment company located in Benelux region are presenting an opportunity to acquire 100% of the shares of their company or to invest funds into a growing startup with potential for exponential growth.

Profile (strategy) of this online recruitment company for sale

The company for sale is a referral recruitment platform that allows anyone with an internet connection and a network to play as a headhunter for companies that recruit. The platform also includes developed analytics that can support recruiters’ activities as well as prediction possibilities.  For its clients, the platform is able to provide a highest possible return on investments, as money is only used once recruitment occurs. For its clients, this will be the highest added value as this form can be more effective than traditional headhunters.

The company, as well as the platform, have been launched only 1 year ago but it has already signed good clients. Main targets of the seller are companies that are facing some difficulties to fill some of their open positions – especially IT/ Engineering and are open to an alternative solution to headhunters.

The company has a turnover less than 500K EUR because of the startup and development phase of the platform. According to plans processed by third parties, the business plan features an exponential growth of the company following the investment. In three years time, the company has a projected revenue exceeding 8M EUR with EBITDA of 3M EUR.

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Activities and products of this online recruitment company for sale

Apart from the job listing module of the platform, which is the key of the platform provided for free to employers and candidates, the company for sale has already developed tools for revenue streams. These tools include:

  • Referral platform 
  • Real-time hard skills analysis 
  • Real time applicants ranked list
  • Application tracking
  • Branding pages

This makes employers able to reward those who help them to find the right candidates to their hard to fill an open position. In that way, employers have the certainty to only use their hiring budget when they hire. 

The recruiting industry is one of the most growing industries in the world and currently the market is larger than $200 billion a year. On the other hand, the industry and HR are about to change heavily in the coming years. 

The whole industry heads towards automated recruiting and more and more HR departments will be supported by efficient robots. The size of the seller is not big enough to be a contractor for large companies, so the owner decided to raise funds by an outside investment or an acquisition.

Highlights of the online recruitment company for sale

  • The owners of this online recruitment company looking for a buyer or an investor for an additional financial support
  • The company for sale has already signed some big clients with good feedback
  • The company needs funding to expand and target big clients and revenue

Information on the online recruitment company for sale

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