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ICT automation provider in logistics for sale

IT or ICT business for sale

Online logistics platform  for sale

  • The sales of the business for sale are more than 10M Euro
  • The Ebitda of this automation company is above 1,5M Euro
  • The location is Western Europe
  • The ICT logistics platform has offices in various countries
  • Reason for sale: Many synergies for further growth exist with a strategic partner (company)
  • #CFIE T128B
  • The asking price is (far) above 10M Euro

Overview service provider for logistics industry

The company open for a sale has built a first class IT platform where small SME can choose the best global carrier for their deliveries. The logistics platform is first class and can be used by a larger buyer (a small carrier?) to grow an online presence. Get more information about this logistics platform now. The online logistics platform exists for almost 10 years. The idea is to sell transportation and logistics services in a similar way as in the travel industry. Customers can book and control their shipments in one online platform. This is working very well as the company is growing quickly to a revenue of over 10M Euro. The company is profitable and debt free.

The companies customers are SME’s but also large international companies. The customers can pay via pay-pall credit card upfront or via regular invoice afterwards. Further, the online logistics platform offers white label (4PL) solutions. At this moment the company has a presence in a few European countries. It also has an office in the US and China. The company is working on rolling out it’s services in new countries. New countries can be added quickly and will add revenue in a few months.

Strategy online logistics company

The online logistics service provider open for a sale is growing very well (30-40% annually). It’s strategy is to open new offices internationally and gather additional clients globally. The online logistics platform is cloud based and no software to be installed at customer location. Labels of the carrier are printed on one single printer. Track & trace available in one page for all carriers, with google maps. Proven concept of usage by many customers in various countries. The marketing is mainly done via the internet. The target customers are SME’s that register online. A validation process is done by an international back office team. They contact customers via telephone and define the gross margin potential. During a marketing campaign more than 100 new customers can be gained in a day. The marketing campaigns can be switched on and off per country.

The profile of the company for sale could be very interesting for a small or medium sized international carrier business that wants to grow it’s online presence and get access to a state of the art online logistics ICT platform that will enable it to grow further into the local SME markets.

Services of the online logistics business for sale

The company automates the logistics processes where rates can be changed in seconds on an international dashboard. The company purchases high volume contracts with carriers, create unique customer tool with general or individual margins on trade lanes. The starting point was an express product with 4 global carriers as well as local carries and international package carriers. The online logistics company is adding road transportation to the product portfolio as well as the option for online booking of airfreight. Ocean freight will also be added to the online services of this logistics business. The combination of an integrated logistics platform where all transportation services can be bought (carrier, air, sea, transportation) gives cheaper alternatives for small SME’s that need logistics services.


  • High quality online logistics platform
  • A global buyer can scale up the platform and make it available to a larger global client base
  • Flexible IT savvy workforce
  • The company has a proven business model in a huge global market
  • The business for sale grows quickly and has excellent margins

Information about this West European business

Feel free to contact us for details about this online logistics platform for sale in Western Europe. If you are looking for a company in information technology or logistics it could be wise to contact us for other available business for sale. A phone call is also suitable (+31-6-24629234) if you want to be informed about other online companies for sale.