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Logistics company for sale in India

Logistics carrier for sale

transportation business for sale
  • The sales of the business for sale are less than 5M Euro
  • The location is India (Northern part)
  • The carrier does door to door delivery of small parcels
  • Reason for sale: Many synergies for further growth exist with a strategic partner (company)
  • #CFIE T216
  • Investment amount: 2-5M Euro

Overview logistics carrier service provider in India

The company open for an investor or for sale has built one of the first door to door carriers in India. The people that have build the carrier platform are from the industry out of India. They have build a first class local network that can arrange door to door deliveries. The company is growing quickly and has a huge market potential. Growing the local network and infrastructure is time and cost intensive. Hence, this carrier that delivers door to door parcels in the North of India is looking for an investor to build the infrastructure further together. The most ideal investor would be an international carrier that wants to enter the Indian market. In this way the local knowledge and contacts of the online carrier for sale can be combined with the international experience of a large carrier.

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Strategy Indian logistics company

The carrier in India open for a sale is growing very well (40%+ annually). It’s strategy is to be able to arrange door to door deliveries in the northern part of India. It has build the infrastructure, including warehouses, to arrange these deliveries. Door to door deliveries is a challenging task in the densely populated India. The company has proven that it is capable of doing this. It is now planning on scaling up the infrastructure and needs an investor to help to invest in this project. The profile of the company for sale could be very interesting for a medium sized or larger international carrier business that wants to grow it’s presence in India and get access to a local infrastructure and a strong domestic partner with knowledge of the local market.

Services of the Indian carrier business for sale

The company provides door to door deliveries of parcels in Northern India. The company for sale differentiates itself by having set-up an infrastructure that can deliver parcels all across Northern India. The demand for door to door deliveries in India will grow significantly over the next decades.

Highlights logistics business

  • High quality logistics carrier services in Northern India
  • Large domestic infrastructure of warehouses has been set-up
  • A global carrier can scale up the platform and make it available across larger parts of India
  • Flexible IT savvy workforce are behind the concept
  • The company has a proven business model in a huge domestic Indian market
  • The business for sale grows quickly and has excellent margins

Information about this Indian business for sale

Feel free to contact us for details about this online logistics carrier in India that is looking for an investor. If you are looking for a company in information technology or logistics it could be wise to contact us for other available logistics business for sale. A phone call is also suitable (+31-6-24629234) if you want to be informed about other online companies for sale.

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