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Online learning company in Spain for sale

Online learning company for sale 

IT or ICT business for sale

  • Revenue: < 5M EUR 
  • Employees: > 20
  • Valuation: > 1M EUR
  • Location of the Online learning company: Spain
  • Reason for sale: The owners want to grow the company in Spain, therefore are looking to talk to interested investors
  • #CFIE ITS332

Overview of the Online learning company in Spain for sale 

The company for sale provides excellent tools for people to learn and develop new skills and expertise. There are ensured online learning resources such as courses, classes, books, tests, explanatory and tutored videos together with access to pedagogical advisors, tutors and specialized managers. Students can take the opportunity from relaxation spaces and have access to editorial materials. This is a true differential experience that allows trainees to obtain much faster and easier what they are looking for. There are many advantages a student can benefit of. Innovative courses are held both online and at the branch. The online learning platform is based on a method created with Intelligent Algorithms that makes learning a funny process because it functions as a playground (gamified platform). The system builds self-confidence and allows the student to read and do the necessary practice to accumulate the information. The intelligent algorithms adapt to the way a student learns and optimizes the rate of use. It maps the total knowledge of the student, forces him to learn the most important things first and allows him to acquire a greater knowledge and full understanding of the subject. The company records revenues of less than 5M Euro, is profitable and with much potential for growth. It looks for a VC investment amount of less than 1M Euro to develop the business further.

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Profile (strategy) of the Online learning company in Spain for sale

The company's products and solutions are chosen by people that want to pass exams in a productive way. The platform makes it easier for the candidate to study his subjects because it relies on gamification and the use of artificial intelligence algorithms that identify the progress and optimize results and study efforts. The added value is that the clients achieve their professional goals. There are different examination modes in the software which allow the students to test their knowledge and get better preparation. By taking selective tests students are helped to be successful according to their possibilities. The conditions simulate those of a real exam, the candidate becomes familiar with working under pressure and understands how to address an exam. He can adapt to the real exam conditions and is ready to face the questions that are identical to those used by selection officials.

The company creates technology to make studying easier, it provides services such as lessons, tests and short videos that allow students to practice anywhere. The courses contain all the necessary books and material both on paper and on digital format. It is also enabled the access to the course platform and tutoring service. The tests can be taken on any device and enable the student to make the most of the study. Before buying any products, the customer can test all of the solutions on all types of current mobile devices and tables. Everything needed for preparation is ensured so that the candidate can obtain the certificate that will help him to develop his career further.

Activities and services of the Online learning company in Spain for sale

The company for sale provides online learning services and products such as courses, tutorials, videos, books, trainees and pedagogical advices.

Highlights of the Online learning company in Spain for sale

  • The company developed a platform for online learning
  • The solution is based on adaptive AI algorithms
  • The online method increases the speed of learning
  • The owners are looking to talk with potential VCs that are interested to grow the business in Spain

Information about this Online learning company in Spain  

Please do get in touch if you are interested in finding more about this Online learning company in Spain for sale. If this Online learning company for sale in Spain does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other ITS companies for sale. If you are interested in buyers of IT and Online learning companies, please visit the section ITS companies wanted.

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