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Olive oil producer in Spain for sale

Company for sale

  • Industry: food
  • Revenue:  >20 million EUR
  • Reason for sale: The current owners would like to retire soon.
  • Location: Spain
  • #CFIE FOS016

Overview of this olive oil producer in Spain for sale

More than 350 million olives are grown in Spain. It produces about half the world’s total olive oil. Spain the world’s leading olive oil producer and exporter, 46 % of their production is exported. Average annual production of olive oil in Spain is around 1.75 million tons. 

This olive oil producer is one of the companies with high recognition in its home country. The factory is located in one of the most significant commercial and communication centers of Spain. 

The buildings are more than 5000 m2 with cutting-edge technologies, modern refinery and packaging plants. This olive oil producer’s daily capacity is  >95 000 kg of refined product.

Profile (strategy) of this olive oil producer in Spain for sale

The current value of the land of >38 000 m2 where the refinery facilities and the value of machines and equipment equal 18 million euros. The facilities and the equipment are available to work in 24x7 which gives the opportunity to produce 150 million euros value of product yearly. 

The refinery facilities are equipped with the latest technologies and refining processes that lead to olive oil products such as olive pomace with different types of acidity. The virgin olive oil products are very popular thanks to the composition of fatty acids and refined time. Sunflower and other high-quality seeds are also in use and produced. Their products are used in the cosmetic industry and for feeding animals.

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Activities and products of this olive oil producer in Spain for sale

This olive oil producer is a stable and profitable company. The high-quality products are well-known in its home country and abroad thanks to the export activities:

  • extra virgin olive oil, 
  • olive oil, 
  • olive pomace oil
  • and sunflower oil.

Due to the variety of high-quality products this olive oil producer can rely on long-term customer relationships. 

Highlights of this olive oil producer in Spain for sale

  • The factory serves large amount of inquiries as they export to many countries outside Europe: North-America, South-America and China.
  • Satisfied customers and high-quality products are key to a long-term profitable investment.
  • This olive oil producer for sale is a great opportunity for a larger company expanding in Southern Europe to become the leading olive oil producer in Southern Europe.

Information about this olive oil producer in Spain for sale

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this olive oil producer in Spain for sale, the owners are open for discussions about the sale of their shares. Please let us know if you want to know more about this company. For more companies for sale, visit the section companies for sale. If you want to review buyers of companies, visit the section companies wanted.

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