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Meat processing company in Eastern Europe for sale

Company for sale

  • Revenue: >25 million EUR
  • EBITDA: >1 million EUR
  • Location: Eastern Europe
  • Reason for sale: The owners would like to identify strategic investors for participation in acquisition of 75% equity share.
  • #CFIE FOS024

Overview of this meat processing company in Eastern Europe for sale

A central part of the European food industry is the meat sector. The sector deals mainly with slaughter and meat processing. This company is a meat processing company with >30 years’ experience and great reputation. The core business is production of processed meat products and sale of fresh meat. The company has its own product lines and well-recognized meat products. 

The strong market position is ensured thanks to the partnerships across their home country and external commercial partners. To facilitate its growth, this meat processing company takes care of investing in modernization, hardware updates and high-quality equipment. The company has all the necessary ISO certificates next to HACCP. The revenue has been growing all these years, now it is at >25 million EUR which expected to grow further. 

Profile (strategy) of this meat processing company in Eastern Europe for sale

The meat processing company in Eastern Europe is specialized in the food industry, especially in meat processing and distributing. This company has more than 75 employees and is ranking among the largest meat processing companies in their home country. The production takes place in a modern production facility (1,700 sqm) with great production capacity.

The company has its own production of meat products and its own brands. Next to meat products, they sell fresh meat on the market which gives 50 % of their sales. Customers can be divided into large retail chains, wholesalers, restaurants, and public institutions. The meat processing company is not working at 100% of its installed capacity. There is an opportunity to grow the business and increase profits as well. The management of the company is looking for a buyer of 75 % of the shares.

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Activities and products of this meat processing company in Eastern Europe for sale

This meat processing company is in the meat industry and all meat products are certified. The processing of fresh meat mainly includes meat of young beef, veil, and pork. Meat products are:

  • cooked sausages;  
  • canned meat;
  • colored sausages; 
  • semi-permanent sausages; 
  • smoked ham, 
  • greaves and grease and products. 

Highlights of this meat processing company in Eastern Europe for sale

  • This company is specialized in the processing, marketing and distributing of fresh meat and meat products.
  • The company is looking for a buyer of 75% of the shares.
  • There is a window for entering new markets thanks to the strong strategic partnership and external commercial experience they have. 

Information about this meat processing company in Eastern Europe for sale

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