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Marine Maintenance Company for Sale Spain

Marine Maintenance in Spain for sale

  • Marine Maintenance for sale revenues: +/- 340K €
  • Net Profit: +/- 52K €
  • Total Assets: >1.2M €
  • Location of the processing company: Spain
  • CFIE ASE007

Overview Marine Maintenance Company for sale

This Marine Maintenance Company has a highly prepared and qualified staff by the Undersecretary of Marine Merchant Ship as well as being approved/registered with other (over 8) international regulatory entities. The company specializes in the underwater inspection, maintenance & cleaning of ships.

Profile (strategy) of Marine Maintenance Company for sale

The company possesses a well-rounded and experienced team with an impressive fleet of boats, vehicles & patented equipment to perform virtually any function required by their clients and strategically position geography wise to service Western European and African clients as well as holding certifications/registrations in countries like the USA, Russia, Italy, Japan, Panama, Germany as well as Spain and the International Register of Shipping. 

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Main products and activities of this Marine Maintenance Company for sale

The company provides a comprehensive full service submarine work offering to their clients including:
  • Underwater survey with CCTV-colour recording.
  • Underwater complete hull cleaning
  • Underwater propeller polishing
  • Electrolytic Zinc plates exchange 
  • Measurement of hull thickness with an ultrasonic system
  • Inspection of hull parts with X-ray radiographic
  • Underwater cutting and welding
  • Sonar plugging
  • Propeller shaft & rope guard cleaning and removal of nets, ropes and others.
  • Special offshore jobs 

Vehicles, Vessels & Exclusive Equipment of this Marine Maintenance Company for sale

  • Vessels: 4 boats ranging from 12 to 23 meters in length, full specs available.
  • Vehicles: 4 vehicles comprising a truck, a caravan and 2 light vehicles, full specs and functions available on demand.
  • Exclusive marine brush underwater cleaning machine allowing for faster and wider cleaning even under unfavourable conditions.

Highlights of the Marine Maintenance Company for sale

  • Internationally established and certified
  • Total Assets 1.2M  
  • Complete range of underwater solutions
  • Highly trained and experienced employees.

Information about this Marine Maintenance Company for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this Marine Maintenance Company for sale. If this Marine Maintenance Company for sale does not fit your requirements feel free to check for other available businesses for sale in Spain in our section companies for sale in Spain. If you wish to sell your maintenance company and looking for a potential buyer, go to our section companies wanted.