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Spanish manufacturing company of refrigerated boxes

Manufacturing business for sale

Spanish manufacturing company for sale

  • Sales: 2,5m Euro
  • Financial assessment: Balanced sheet with positive Working Capital. Equity around 60% of the full BS
  • Location :Spain
  • Employees: 21
  • Asking price:> 3.3M Euro(business &buildings)
  • Priority options: Initial acquisition of 49% stake or 51% stake and progressively acquiring 100% stake
  • Acquiring the business without warehouses or land.
  • Direct acquisition of 100%
  • Strategic alliance or Joint Venture (international).
  • #CFIE CGS 001

Overview manufacturing company of refrigerated boxes

This company was created in the early nineties of the last century, first as a co-operative, and some years later it was registered in its current form. Three years later, sustained growth forced it to abandon its former premises and to move to its current location. The company has made all possible efforts to adapt its production system to new technologies, investing in both staff training and new machinery and other advanced production methods .From the start, its products have been very well received, not just by some of the most prestigious terrestrial transport operators, but also by dealers in industrial vehicles and other businesses within the sector.
Its aim after  will remain to dedicate day-to-day a significant proportion of its resources to the sustained application of its policy of continuous innovation, with the aim that this improvement will result in higher satisfaction levels with its customers, which are the greatest asset of the company.

Profile (strategy) of refrigerated boxes manufacturer for sale

The company possesses a high level of experience in refrigerated boxes for trailers and trucks. From the very first beginning the products of the company have had a big success in the sector. And during all these years the company has devoted itself to its policy of continuous innovation.
The strategic plan for the future includes the creation of a Department with the following units:
•    Commercial/ Marketing & E-Marketing
•    Export
The aim of it all is to attract more customers.


Activities, products and services

The company manufactures 4 different types of refrigerated semitrailers and one type of isothermal and refrigerated truck. All trucks and trailers are FRC homologated and ATP certified.
Moreover the company also provides different accessories both for trailers and rigid trucks such as interior lights, ventilation windows, height marker lights., single sheer aluminium floor, etc …
This company  is in possession of the Automobile Certification Unit (UCA) issued by the Foundation for the Development of Industrial Innovation, which is the Technical Service designated by the Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Tourism for the performance of initial assessments, production conformity, and continuous verification for the homologation of motor vehicles and their components.
Furthermore, this company offers its customers efficient and cost-effective solutions, with renowned quality. Its products have the qualities of innovation, resistance, and durability and are capable of meeting the most demanding needs. All products have EC homologations and certifications at a national and international level in accordance with current legislation.
Since its creation, the aim of this company has been to dedicate day-to-day a significant proportion of its resources to the sustained application of its policy of continuous innovation.

Highlights of the manufacturing company

The company has high experience in the field of manufacturing refrigerated boxes for trucks and trailers. A buyer that wants to grow or extend its presence in Spain can benefit from this. Here are some highlights of this manufacturing company for sale or joint venture:
  • High quality refrigerated boxes manufactured products
  • Strong entry possible with a strategic partner into Spain
  • Possible merger with European partner to export
  • Modern machinery (Press)
  • Opportunity to expand the business and grow the profit

Information on this company for sale

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this Spanish Manufacturing Company of refrigerated Boxes for trucks and trailers that is open for a business sale. Please visit transportation companies for sale if you want to see further companies for sale.