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Manufacturer of modular houses in Europe for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: Medium Size
  • Revenue: >10 million EUR
  • EBITDA: >2m Euro
  • Location : Europe
  • Enterprise Value : >10m Euro
  • #CFIE MAS067

Overview of the Manufacturer of modular houses in Europe for Sale

This company for sale is well established for more than 30 years of experience and offers production, sales and rental of pavilion and module solutions in smart design, high quality and environmentally friendly materials. The company is not actively for sale, but open to speak to a buyer that sees large synergies. The buyer should be open to pay a premium price, elsewise the owners will not entertain the sales process.

Profile (strategy) of the Manufacturer of modular houses in Europe for Sale

This company produces, sells and rents pavillon- and module construction, crew wagons to construction sites and modules for all types of purposes.

The clients of the company are primarily big industrial companies, municipalities and regions, and geographically the clients are from Europe. The clients are loyal and with long contracts – they value its high quality products and ability to cooperate, and within a few years, there has been build solid and positive customer rations, and the company has experienced a two digits growth rate for both top and bottom line, every year.

This company for sale make sure to offers all tasks performed in turnkey contracts: From consulting and drawing work over transport, earth and paving work, energy supply, IT installations and networks to furniture and furniture as well as subsequent operation and service. 

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Activities and products 

This company offers tailor-made module and pavilion solutions from its own production for all types of purposes.  More than 30 years of experience in solving all types of tasks within pavilions and module deliveries, the company’s competent employees assure to have the expertise to manage small as well as large cases quickly, easily and professionally in goals. Good quality at extremely competitive prices with personality are the key words behind this manufacturer's success.

The product range at this company for sale includes both standard modules as well as specially designed, individual pavilion and module buildings built for different purposes. In addition, there is a large rental of modules within pavilions, modules, crew cars, rehousing modules, toilets, containers, etc.

Highlights of the Manufacturer of modular houses in Europe for Sale

  • Principal Field of activity includes renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods.
  • The company offers specially produced solutions built according to customer requirements.
  • This company gives costumers satisfaction through cost reduction and high quality.

Information about the Manufacturer of modular houses in Europe for Sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this manufacturer of modular houses with owners looking for investors in their company. Thanks to our expertise in the industry, we know dozens of engineering companies available for sale. If this company for sale in Eastern Europe does not fit your requirements, feel free to ask for other  manufacturing companies for sale . If you are interested in buyers of manufacturing companies please visit the section manufacturing companies wanted.

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