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Cosmetics manufacturer of body lotions for sale

Chemicals business for sale

Cosmetics company for sale

  • Sales: >30m Euro
  • EBITDA: >2,3m Euro
  • Asking price: >9m Euro
  • Location: Western Europe
  • Employees: >100
  • Reason for sale: Shareholder is looking for retirement. It prefers a financial partner that can help in growing the business to an international player. The buyer can grow the business further internationally
  • Status: Owner actively looking for a sale
  • #CFIE PHS107

Overview cosmetics company

A cosmetics manufacturer of body lotions is looking for a financial investor. The company has started the business many decades ago. The owners of the cosmetics company are planning to retire and prefer to sell the full company. The preference of the company for sale is to find a financial investor that acquires the company. Management is no issue that this can be provided by the current owners for a hand over. After this many highly qualified directors of companies Unilever, Procter & Gamble or Nestle can be found to grow the company internationally. The cosmetics company for sale has large potential to increase the production. It is growing gradually but a lot of further potential exists. The cosmetics company for sale does a lot in house like market research, product development, branding, packaging concepts and designs. Also further activity like order processing, filling, picking, storage and logistics support are done internally. The company is an ideal target for a financial investor that has experience to grow an international sales network.

Get me informed if similar companies for sale come up

Get me informed if similar companies for sale come up

Profile (strategy) of cosmetics manufacturer for sale

The company has started the production of body lotions many years ago. Various growth possibilities exist as the business has a variety of possible markets for expansion in the European body lotions market. Strong points of the cosmetics company for sale are:
  • Quality of products
  • Qualified personnel
  • Flexibility
  • Short innovation cycles
  • Customer proximity
  • A long relationship with the customers
There is sufficient opportunity for the company to improve in marketing and sales and international business. The company has some issues with customer concentration. There are capital requirements for growth.

Activities and cosmetics products

The company focuses on the production of body lotions. The product range includes products for the hair, face, mouth, hand and foot. In the end a full product range of body lotions is prepared as well as child care products.

Highlights of the cosmetics (body lotions) manufacturer for sale

The company has high experience in the field of body lotions manufacturing. A financial buyer that wants to grow or extend its presence in the body lotions market can benefit from this. Here are some highlights of this cosmetics, body lotions, manufacturer for sale:
  • High quality body lotions products
  • Opportunity for international expansion
  • The company for sale has a broad range of products
  • The company is relatively well priced

Information on this body lotions manufacturer

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about manufacturer of body lotions that is open for a financial buyer and a business sale. For other CMO companies for sale please visit the page CMO companies for sale.