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Machining design company

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Machining design, execution and maintenance company for sale

•    Started activity: more than 15 years ago
•    Yearly turnover:  approx.  3 m Euro
•    Profit: approx.  0.3 m Euro
•    Employees: 100
•    Location:  Romania
•    CFIE : MAS117

Profile machining design, execution and maintenance company for sale

The company started activity in 1998 as a repair and maintenance services company of mainly mobile equipment.  

The company currently has three work points in Romania, with workshops totalling some 15,000 square meters.

With an extensive experience in the industry, the company’s highly qualified team of specialists provide to their clients a range of services necessary for an optimal functioning of their equipment and machinery - mechanical, hydraulic, electric and electronic, bringing a diverse range of services in mechanical and metal structures.
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In order to offer these services to its clients, the company covers in-house a range of areas of expertise and technical facilities, including specialized technical studies, measurements, design, cutting, machining operations, welding, locksmith, bodywork, painting and assembly.

Quality assurance has always been one of the company’s main priorities. The company has implemented an Integrated Management System SRAC & IQNet and has a number of certifications: ISO 9001: 2001 quality standard and subsequently ISO 9001: 2008. Since 2009 the company is also EN ISO 14001: 2005 (ISO 14001: 2004) and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certified. The company is also engaged in a continuous effort aiming at satisfying the needs of its customers while protecting the environment, health and safety of the employees, contractors and the community. Besides the above certifications, the company boasts with a wide range of ISCIR, RAR and ANR certifications and permits.

Main products and services machining design, execution and maintenance company for sale

The main categories of products and services offered by the company to its clients are:
a. Design and technical expertise
Due to the diversified field in which they operate, the company has developed a technical department and authorized personnel with design expertise, in line with the ISCIR PT R1 and R3 standards and technical requirements.

Main expertise includes design of gantries, cranes and tower cranes, forklifts and telescopic loaders systems.

Some of the main design projects implemented to date for various clients were:
  • Industrial metal platforms
  • Viaducts gantries
  • Stairs access industrial areas
  • Steel structures supporting motorways signposts
  • Revolving cranes systems
  • Hydraulic tipping liquid aluminium crucibles

b. Manufacturing / assembly and installing
Some of the main manufacturing, assembly and installing projects rolled-out by the company to date, for clients from a number of industries are:
  • Execution of gantries
  • Mounting cranes / hoists
  • Hydraulics
  • Electrical and electronic systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Metallic structures

c. Repair, maintenance & modernization
One of the core services that the company offers to its customers has been the field repairs / maintenance, upgrades and modernization works. Some examples of such works include:
  • Repair / upgrading of production equipment
  • Repair / upgrading of industrial equipment
  • Repairs / upgrades of cranes
  • Repairs / upgrades to 200tf gantries
  • Repairs / upgrades lifting equipment
  • Revisions and maintenance

d. Rentals
Additional to the core service mentioned above, the company offers to its clients further support by offering rentals (and sales of spare parts) of a range of equipment such as:
  • Forklift stackers
  • Forklifts
  • Counterbalance forklifts
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Crane 18 to
  • Mini-excavators
  • Industrial presses 1000 tons

Investment highlights machining design, execution and maintenance company for sale

The company has an extensive background and track record of rolling its services to a wide range of customers from a number of industries. With a dedicated and well-trained staff and a technical department that comprises of experienced engineers, the company offers potential for development.
It is a small and flexible player thus being able to swiftly respond to the requests and needs of its customers.
The focus on quality as well as advanced technical skills have enabled the company to build a good reputation in the market and a well established and representative client base. Furthermore, by having a number of permits and certification in place, the company offers to an Investor a much easier / faster route to this market.
The company is profitable and has a proven ability to respond to the client’s needs and offer a high level of client satisfaction.
The reason for the sale intention is succession / continuity due to the retirement plans of the owner.

Information machining design, execution and maintenance company for sale in Romania

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