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Logistics company in West Europe for sale

Company for sale

  • Sales: 10 M EURO
  • EBITDA: 0,5M EUR
  • Location: West Europe
  • #CFIE TRS094

Overview of the logistics company in West Europe for sale

The logistics company in West Europe for sale is specialized in domestic and international deliveries of various cargos by different modes of transport means. The company offers wide range of logistic solutions and is exceptional for operating with up-to-date tools and techniques. Get more information about this West Europe logistics company now.

Profile (strategy) of the logistics company in West Europe for sale

The logistics company in West Europe for sale operates through more than 100 Countries worldwide as well as in nearby European countries, Turkey and Central Asia, USA and China. It is a modern company with bright attitude towards innovations in the logistics industry and is actively implementing novelties in its everyday workflow.

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Activities and services of the logistics company in West Europe for sale

Activities of the logistics company in Western Europe are transportation by sea, air, road and rail, storage and distribution of various excise and food bulk and packed products, medical supplies, furniture, FMCG to domestic and international markets. The company provides optimized logistic services to the requirements of the supply chain efficiency of its customers. Access to own and by contract warehouses located in the strategic place in the area of one of the  main European port, as well as, in different parts of the world enables company to provide its customers time and cost-efficient services in more than 100 countries. The logistics company in West Europe offers high quality value added service according to European standards and requirements of producers of well known consumer product brands in Europe. The warehouse services of the company include handling of palletized and non-palletized general cargos as well as handling of refrigerated, hazardous and pharmaceutical products. Beside warehousing service the logistics company for sale is actively performing distribution and road, rail, air, waterways and sea transportation of goods by various types and modes of transport to and from different local and international locations. 

Highlights of the logistics company in West Europe for sale

  • Complete logistics and transportation services
  • Own warehouse in the area in one  of the main port of Europe
  • Value added services
  • Modern machineries and IT operational system
  • ISO certified management system
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Controlling fleet multi hundred vehicles

More information on this logistics company in West Europe for sale

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