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Log house manufacturer for sale Finland

Log House Manufacturer for sale

  • Log house manufacturer looking for sale or an investor
  • High revenue potential
  • Business is located in Finland strategically placed in proximity to the forests of the north
  • CFIE SYI 002

Overview log house manufacturer looking for an investor

This Finnish firm specialises in the manufacturing of durable and dynamic log houses. Over several years this log house manufacturer has implemented a production process which has continuously increased in efficiency and adaptability . Get more information about this log house manufacturer on the Corporate Finance in Europe website now.
 A log house proves to be a secure, long term investment . With its sophisticated production process this firm can and will continuously meet the demand for high quality log houses. By continuously delivering high quality log houses that match the customer’s demands, this firm for sale has built a strong brand name and an enviable reputation as one of the best log house manufacturers in the industry.

Overview of log house production process

Log houses are continuously growing in popularity, the beautiful wooden structures serve as both sound investments and lovely homes. This firm uses the slow growing pinewood of the north for its log houses. State of the art technology is used in the processing of the wood. Laminated timber is included in the firms production process alongside high tech design programs . The firms production process has advanced preparations that enable them to ensure rapid on site production. One of the firms main advantages over its competitors is its ability to rapidly modify its designs according to the customers wishes. A very strong attention to customer satisfaction is how this log house manufacturer has built such a respectable reputation.
The log house manufacturer for sale adheres to extremely high quality standards with all their operations. The firm also ensures only the finest wood of the north is used in its production process. The building of a log house can be done with various types of logs such as: air dried, glue-laminated and kiln-dried logs. This log house manufacturer for sale will strive to maintain its respectable reputation for complete customer satisfaction by always meeting the customers wants.

Highlights of log house manufacturer for sale or looking for an investor

This log house manufacturer for sale has developed an adaptable production process that can meet customers ever changing needs and wants. See below  the highlights of this investment opportunity (log house manufacturer for sale):
  • Excellent location:  In close proximity to the slow growing timber of the north
  • Cutting edge technology employed within the manufacturing process
  • Compliant with all relevant market regulations
  • A team with deep industry knowledge and a very strong technical understanding of all processes
  • An extremely cost effective and flexible manufacturing process

Information on this log house manufacturer looking for investors

Please request more information about this log house manufacturing business for sale or looking for investors. You can get in touch on our website.  Our websites also include a wide range of other business for sale in various industries. This range also includes companies which are looking for investors.