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Location based marketing company in Europe for sale

Location based marketing company for sale 

IT or ICT business for sale

  • Revenue: < 1M EUR 
  • Employees: > 15
  • Valuation: > 1M EUR
  • Location of the Location based marketing company: Europe
  • Reason for sale: The owners want to grow the company in Europe, therefore are looking to talk to interested investors
  • #CFIE ITS491

Overview of the Location based marketing company in Europe for sale 

The company is a pioneer in location based technology solutions and has known a rapid and constant growth. For companies with apps location marketing the solution is very useful and presents the potential for reaching new clients and sales. The technology developed adds more possibilities in the marketing and sales processes. The solution has already been used by clients from various industries such as retail, aviation, HR, fintech, logistics, healthcare, research. The software represents a great opportunity for brands and publishers to gain location intelligence, increase the number of visits both online and offline, target right consumers and approaching them with personalized and suited messages and information. For companies that don't have a high-quality app, the team has development resources and provides services such as custom app development. The owners of this company want to develop further the product, to add more features and get access to a larger pool of clients. The owners are open to talk with potential investors / buyers that are interested in supporting the company's growth. Potential buyers could be tech private equity / venture capital or even a larger digital agency able to scale the business. Interested parties are invited to contact CFIE team for more information regarding this location based marketing company in Europe for sale.

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Profile (strategy) of the Location based marketing company in Europe for sale

The company for sale has around 10 years of presence on the market and has managed to develop and grow an innovative technology product that would help enterprises to target and reach new clients. The solution does location based matching and sends notifications to the potential client. There is ensured easy and flexible connections between key parameters that make the marketing process a success. In a single digital infrastructure, the Software Development Kit (SDK) integrates all the aspects related to the app, elements such as customer data, behavioural analytics platforms and marketing automation systems. Geolocation feature is very important for app users, it increases the app user experience and is decisive in completing the shopping action: browse, select, visit, store and purchase. This is a complete digital marketing solution with ease of set up and dedicated support manager.

In simple terms, location based marketing it's the marketing strategy that targets potential clients based on their visited locations registered on users' mobile devices. Visited locations could be cities, stores, restaurants or other commercial points of interest. The advantage of this direct marketing method is the increased relevance of mobile messages which are tailored to the user's interest and context. The app user is notified when entering in specific areas that might have points of interest. The location based marketing solution collects data location from the customer's phone, analysis the data, builds user profiles and sends location-based notifications to the potential client. For the app owner the solution is very beneficial, it provides behavioural data about the user and helps in sending targeted messages that are relevant and personalized, therefore it increases the user retention and loyalty.

Activities and services of the Location based marketing company in Europe for sale

The company for sale provides a location based marketing solution with the role in collecting user location data, building and analysing user behaviour and in sending personalized messages to the users. 

Highlights of the Location based marketing company in Europe for sale

  • The company is active in location based marketing field
  • The company provides a solution that tracks app users’ location and sends personalized messages
  • The solution increases user retention and loyalty 
  • The owners are looking to talk with potential investors that are interested to grow the business in Europe

Information about this Location based marketing company in Europe  

Please do get in touch if you are interested in finding more about this Location based marketing company in Europe for sale. If this Location based marketing company for sale in Europe does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other ITS companies for sale. If you are interested in buyers of IT and Location based marketing companies, please visit the section ITS companies wanted.

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