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Advanced Life Sciences and Bio-Tech Software and Process Automation Company for sale

Software and Process Automation Company for sale

  • Sales: 1m - 5m CHF 
  • Location: Switzerland
  • Reason for Sale: Future potential better realized by a strategic player
  • CFIE 8100

 Company Overview

The Company has been formed by and consists of a highly skilled team with an advanced technical background. The main focus and strength of the company is in process automation with an emphasis in the Bio-Tech field. The team of the Company can be used by an acquirer as an internal R&D software department of outstanding quality. Based on guidelines of the mother company the team can work individually on high skilled R&D projects. The Company has been acting as an external R&D software department by many customers on a long term basis. Very often the Company is given the most advanced and complicated projects precisely because of its unique and advanced knowledge of the automation field. This knowledge can be used by a possible acquirer in the following areas: robotics applications, liquid handling devices, In Vitro diagnostic devices, process and laboratory automation devices.

IT or ICT business for sale

The company has never done any form of sales or marketing and new customers have mostly been gained by references or word of mouth. Previous customers have very often come back with new assignments, which confirm the quality of work done by the team. The Company' customers are among the most advanced automation manufacturers in the life science arena and the Company has been a consistent partner in the development to implement their devices. A partner with a strong sales and marketing organization in the life science field can benefit tremendously from the Companys' technical expertise and untapped potential. The company was founded in 1991 by the current management.

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Investment Highlights

  • Well Established
  • Growth potential
  • Highly skilled team
  • Specialized knowledge for instrument manufacturers
  • Large range of laboratory software ready to go to market


The Company has a large number of in house developed software products for instrument manufacturers and laboratories available to go to market. For most products some licenses have been sold in the past or the products have been incorporated in solutions that The Company sold on the market. The Company also delivers services like; Software engineering, Software Verification and Validation (V&V), Management (and planning) and handling of software projects, laboratory automation and system integration.