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Kitchen Manufacturer in Italy for Sale

Company for sale 

  • Size: large-sized
  • Revenue: approx. EUR 100M
  • EBITDA: approx. EUR 4%
  • Location of the Kitchen Manufacturer: Italy
  • Reason for sale: The owner wants to focus on another business
  • #CFIE MAS112

Overview for the Kitchen Manufacturer in Italy for Sale

The owner of a Kitchen Manufacturer in Italy for Sale is looking to exit the business and sell the 100% share in his company to a suitable Buyer, whose goals will be focused to long term benefits of the Company. Investment in the Company may present an interesting opportunity for the potential investors who would like to establish their presence in manufacturing industry In Italy.

Profile (strategy) for the Kitchen Manufacturer in Italy for Sale

The company is one of the first producers of kitchens in Italy and features excellent design, available in many colors, with valuable finishes and resistant materials. The company conceived approximately 50 years ago, in the small craft workshop of the family’s forefather. With an experience and technical skills acquired in the industry of modular kitchens, the company was founded approximately three decades ago.

In 2000, the owners incorporated another company for selling high-quality kitchens at advantageous prices and started the Group. Today, the plants are located in the south of Italy and in other parts of Europe and cover an area of over 20,000 m2. Currently, the firm is financially stable and the revenue of the company grows by approximately 14% a year.
In present, the company for sale manufactures more than 400 kitchens per day.

The main features of the firm are
  • Quality raw materials and mass-produced equipment
  • Wide range of models and finishing
  • Quick orders development
  • Fast delivery
  • Sales and technical customers care
  • Cost-effectiveness
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Activities and products for the Kitchen Manufacturer in Italy for Sale

The products of the kitchen manufacturer for sale are sold in Italy, France, Serbia and the company exports also to Russia. The management systems ensure the rapid fulfillment of orders and deliveries. Due to its environmental management system, the company obtained the certifications UNI EN ISO 14001.

Highlights for the Kitchen Manufacturer in Italy for Sale

The presented opportunity is an opportunity to acquire 100% ownership of one of the leading Italian kitchen makers company with a well-recognized brand. Other highlights of the of the opportunity are listed below:
  • The company for sale has wide selection of products, over 50 models with over 300 color variations
  • The company has a good reputation for quality services and reliability developed over 30+ years in operations, available at 2000 selling points
  • The company for sale has substantial exports to Russia
  • The company for sale features highly professional and committed employees
  • The company for sale good financial standing, and simple ownership structure

Information for the Kitchen Manufacturer in Italy for Sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this kitchen manufacturing company for sale based in Italy. If this kitchen manufacturer or sale does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other manufacturing companies for sale. If you are interested in buyers of manufacturing companies please visit the section manufacturing companies wanted.