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IT networking and telecom service provider for sale in Belgium

Company for sale

IT or ICT business for sale
  • Sales: 2m Euro
  • Location: Belgium
  • Employees: 10
  • Reason for sale: Growth in cooperation with a larger partner to exploit the cloud platform of seller and use it for a larger client base
  • CFIE ITS500


A Belgium IT networking and telecom service provider has developed a cloud based platform. The company is growing the business gradually and adding more SME customers to it’s cloud platform.

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Profile IT company for sale (strategy)

The business employs 10 people and has passed the start-up phase after being in business for almost 10 years. The cloud concept the company uses is now proven and more and more clients are using this platform. The company can add very many new businesses to it’s platform without incurring large additional costs. The business notices in the market that it is difficult for a smaller firm to acquire larger clients. Hence, the company has decided it is open for a business sale and cooperate with a larger partner to grow the business together.

Activities and or products

This IT company provides networking, security and telephony related services via a cloud based solution.


If you are an international IT company and want to establish a position in the Belgium IT networking industry we ask your attention for the highlights of this investment opportunity:

  • High quality cloud based platform that is ready to be used by a larger client base
  • Young dynamic management with further growth potential


Please request more information about this business for sale. You can use the contact page but a phone call (+31-6-24629234) is suitable as well. If this profile is not suited for you ask for our other IT businesses for sale.