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IT-consultancy company for sale

IT company for sale

IT or ICT business for sale
  • Sales: 15m Euro
  • Location: Southern Europe
  • Employees: 400
  • Reason for sale: Interested in a cooperation with a larger business to realize strategic benefits
  • CFIE-T026

Overview business for sale

A Southern European IT consultancy company is open to discuss a business sale to a larger strategic buyer that can leverage the software consulting team and help sell to a larger European client base. The company is growing nicely but wants to make a major step if possible in cooperation with a larger player in the IT consultancy industry.

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Profile IT company for sale

The business employs 400 people and provides IT services like outsourcing but also consulting, professional services and technology projects. The company is active in various industries like financial services, health and public administration, services, industries and telecommunication.

The company has an interesting international client base and continues to work on this internationalization process. So far it is doing this via partnerships, but the company is open to grow via a business sale and cooperate with a larger partner to grow the business together.

Consultants in software

This IT consultancy company is active in the fields of software consulting, Business Intelligence (BI), ERP systems (eg SAP) and other IT business solutions.

Highlights consultancy business

If you are an international IT consultancy company active in outsourcing and want to establish a professional and cost efficient outsourcing base in the IT outsourcing industry we ask your attention for the highlights of this investment opportunity:

  • High quality IT outsourcing services
  • Possibility to outsource at cost efficient rates
  • Young dynamic company with further growth potential

Information about this IT-consultancy company for sale

Please request more information about this business for sale. You can use the contact page but a phone call (+31-6-24629234) is suitable as well. If this profile is not suited for you ask for our other IT businesses for sale.

The IT company is located in Southern Europe. Deu to reasons of confidentiality we are not able to undisclose the exact country. This means the company can be located in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal or any other country in the South of Europe. Contacting us about this company for sale enables us to undisclose the location.