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Internet, design marketplace for sale

Company for sale

IT or ICT business for sale
  • Sales: <1m Euro
  • Location: South-America
  • Employees: 5
  • Reason for sale: This growing business is looking for a strategic or financial investor to grow the business further.
  • CFIE T040


A South-American based internet, design marketplace company is looking for an investor that wants to benefit from the available platform and to bring the company to the next level. The platform is successful and profitable. The company is looking for a partner that can provide them with the exposure to micro & small companies in the South-American market in order to accelerate the growth.

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Profile (strategy)

The company started in 2009 and has a focus on Latin America, Spain and Portugal. The company is an online internet marketplace in South-America (and Spain) for designs, logo’s, and website’s that all SME’s need. The technology/platform of the company (with it’s focus on South America) and the client base of a larger strategic buyer can provide interesting synergies for both companies to become the leader in the local Marketplaces in South America.

Thousands of companies are started every day. In the past these companies, whilst considering a logo or web design, ran the risk of limited choice, bad design, high price or provider lock-in which made the whole process problematic. Now, with this companies offer everyone has access to affordable design and choice. You name your price, watch designers compete for your work and finally you choose the best design.


Main process & functionality Contest Holders:

  • Start a design contest from various design categories
  • Manage design contest & choose a winner
  • Wrap up exchange source files & price money

Main process & functionality Designers

  • Participate in Design Contest
  • Profile & CV
  • Design Portfolio
  • Make friends
  • Facebook type Wall

The whole process is completely automated. The company takes care of escrow and support. In a typical design contest a contest Holder will receive up to 100 different proposal from an average of 30 designers. One winner is selected who will receive the price money.

Activities and or products

The companies key product is a marketplace for micro and small companies to get design realised.


The company has developed an own brand name and is growing year over year while being profitable. It can be an interesting acquisition target for a larger internet, photo collection or advertising player with current clients in South-America.
Here are some highlights:

  • The company offers a democratization of the design market
  • Automated processes so more volume will lead to interesting profits
  • The platform is successful and profitable
  • The companies platform has a unique focus since it also provides a social media platform and it is focussed on Latin America.


Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this South-American based internet, design marketplace company looking for an investor Fill out contact form (get in touch).