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Internet company in health care for sale

Internet business for sale

IT or ICT business for sale
  • Sales:  - m Euro
  • Location of the internet business: Germany / Netherlands
  • The company for sale has 5 employees
  • Reason for sale: Venture Capital is needed for the ICT company
  • #CFIE –FVN4

Overview healthcare ICT

The current method for monitoring chronic wounds can be improved. Currently, a single patient is mostly monitored and taken care of by multiple home care workers. This offers room for distorted and inconsistent information and transfer thereof.

In close contact and in continuous dialog with customers – care organizations in wound care – the company has developed a unique, secure, cloud-based online portal. This portal and its software based services are accessible by computer, smartphone and tablet.

The end-to-end turnkey solution is completely hardware-independent, easy to implement, easy to use, focused on efficient connectivity as well as consistent and “easily sharable” information.

Profile internet company in health care

The  home care worker to make a photograph of a wound every time a patient is visited. This can be done with the company’s app or by using any kind of camera-device. Next, the  proprietary software algorithms provide a flawless, objective analysis of the surface of the wound, instantly.

Usage of the secure online cloud-based portal via web & app:

  • record and securely send high-resolution photos of wounds to systems and email accounts
  • measuring the surface of a wound from a picture.
  • A 3G-video conference tool, capable of isolating and securely sending a high-resolution frame during the real-time video-feed.
  • Enabling easy, fast, secure and consistent documentation and communication of all important parameters of a wound (surface, depth, color, scent, etc.)

At this moment the company is involved in pilots with several organizations active in home care and nursing in the Netherlands and Germany.


Highlights German and Dutch ICT company

  1. Easy and quick Implementation, independent of hardware.
  2. The complete wound care process is documented in a fast, easy and consistent way
  3. All secure information is always, everywhere and immediately available for authorized persons.
  4. It connects all stakeholders, which will result in fewer mistakes and/or complications.
  5. It allows a significant reduction of transportation of patients to and from clinics, often by taxi or ambulance. Per patient a total and verifiable amount of € 665,00 per year (in NL) can be saved.
  6. The solution is available at an affordable all-inclusive price per user per month.
  7. Per visit to a patient up to 70% of the time needed for documentation can be saved: therewith a total of up to 20 working hours per month per user can be saved.

Capital needed is in the order of magnitude of 1m EUR.

Information about Healthcare ICT business

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