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Italian Integrated logistics company for sale

Integrated logistics company for sale

  • The company provides from more than 10 years integrated logistics services: good storage, quality control, order management, distribution in Italy and abroad.
  • The sales of the integrated logistics business are around 10M Euro.
  • The location of the company for sale is Italy.
  • The integrated logistics and warehousing company employs around 40 experienced people
  • The acquisition would give the buyer four integrated logistics hubs in the north of Italy
  • Reason for sale: The owner wants to sell in order to focus on other business projects
  • #CFIE BGN001

Overview integrated food logistics company

The company has very diversified services offer in terms of:
  • operation (from consumer goods to industrial logistics)
  • vertical integration(form Full truck to e-commerce)
  • storage (from the hanged clothes to steel companies)

They are organized and structured to satisfy all the requirements of customers that have a particularly complex supply chain in terms of:

  • High reactivity: non-repetitive and / or little schedulable processes
  • High volatility on volumes on a daily basis
  • Possibility to satisfy particularly complex requirements / or need in term of software such as customer or partner willing to work on their WMS
  • Manufacturing and / or quality control activity to be rapidly implemented
  • Advanced customer service

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Strategy food logistics and warehousing company

The company has built up an extensive experience in managing in-sourcing processes.

The company can manage different departments of its customers, integrating its activity into full compliance with the regulations and procedures to the rest of the company’s departments. In this way customers can get the advantages of outsourcing (flexibility, cost variability), while maintaining control, proximity ad rapidity.

Services of the integrated food logistic for sale

The company offers a wide range of services that can be classified as:

  • Handling: reception and stocking, Picking Packing.
  • Warehousing: Traditional shelf, Hanging clothes, bulk Warehouses
  • Manufacturing: Quality control, Assembly of finished products PoP material, Relabelling, splashing, bundling or other modifications of existing products, Refurbishing or returns.
  • Transport: LTL by truck throughout Europe ; FTL by truck throughout Europe, Track & Trace of all transports
Special services
  • Management of suppliers and raw materials, draft agreements with suppliers in Eastern Europe for outsourcing of production processes.
  • Management of information related to the supply chain of the client (for example, between the various business units) or from the clients to its customers (ex: information about the status of an order)
  • The company does not have its own fleet, but has entered into agreements with major carriers (LTL) or directly

Highlights of the integrated food logistics and warehousing business

  • The business has large experience in the integrated logistics and warehousing
  • A foreign buyer can get a presence in Italy directly with relevant experience and licences
  • Certification: The company is ISO, HACCP, Customs certified
  • The company does not have its own fleet but has entered into agreements with major carriers.

Information about this Italian integrated food logistics and warehousing business

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