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Industrial and garage doors installation company for sale

Company for sale

  • Revenue: approx. 2M EUR
  • Location: Slovenia
  • For sale: 100% share in the company
  • Employees: 10+
  • #CFIE MAS081

Overview of this industrial door installation company for sale

The company for sale is a small-sized company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of marketing, installation and maintenance of industrial and garage doors. The company has currently approximately 10 employees and great potential for growth. The owners want to sell the business to the suitable strategic partner. 100% equity share is available. The company has a successful history and a good position on the Slovenian market, therefore a new strategic investor could strengthen its presence in Slovenia and in the neighboring countries where company also operates.

Profile (strategy) of this industrial door installation company for sale

This company for sale is very successful in its niche and wants to become a leader in the field of assembly, service, and maintenance of garage and industrial doors while maintaining business excellence and increasing the market share in Slovenia and abroad. 

The company is based in Slovenia, with a business unit in one of the largest cities in Slovenia. The company is a limited liability company currently in 100% ownership of the founders.

Also, the company has a vision of expanding to other countries. At present, the company is a majority owner of the affiliate in Serbia, however, there is just a basic activity at the moment. The company represents several major suppliers from western Europe.

The company reaches approximately 150K – 200K EUR EBITDA in recent years. The revenue of the company is in growing trend; therefore, the new owner can benefit from this and drive the company to further success. 

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Products produced by this industrial door installation company for sale

This company for sale specializes in engineering and is a specialist in the field of garage and industrial doors. The company is supplying, installing and repairing a comprehensive range of industrial doors, garage doors, airtight doors, fire systems, offering innovative and custom solutions.

The offer of this company includes:

  • sectional lift garage door
  • roller garage doors
  • industrial sectional doors
  • albany high-speed door
  • industrial roller doors
  • airtight doors
  • fire systems
  • airborne sliding
  • sliding doors
  • swing fire doors
  • fire curtain

Highlights of this industrial door installation company for sale  

  • The company has a high market share on the Slovenian market
  • Long tradition, customer satisfaction and a certificate of business excellence
  • Superior quality, long lifespan, energy efficiency, modern design and low maintenance costs are the basic advantages of their sales program.
  • Well-established cooperation with customers, innovation, advisory approach, speed, regulation and care for the environment.

Information about this industrial door installation company for sale

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