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Implant manufacturer in Europe for sale

Implant manufacturing company for sale 

  • Size: large companies
  • Location: Europe
  • Revenue: >10M EUR 
  • Valuation: >40M EUR
  • #CFIE HCS021

Overview for the implant manufacturer in Europe 

The owners of an implant developer and manufacturer in Europe are looking for a buyer of a majority or minority share in their company. The company is looking only for a strategic investor, not financial. Ideally, the buyer should be an investor from the USA or Asia, as the company plans to sell its developed products and solutions also in those markets. A strategic buyer from the US and Asian market that has a good distribution network and that can help to grow further there would be ideal.

Profile (strategy) for this implant manufacturer in Europe for sale

The company for sale is an orthopedic company focused on medial device manufacturing and developing new medical implant technologies for various parts of the body. The company has a history of more than 20 years, during which it acquired multiple smaller companies to help its growth. The company has already developed and sells products which had already been successfully launched and protected by several international patents. 

The company started its operations in Europe, however, at present, the company is operating truly internationally with distribution agreements with global partners in multiple continents. The company has a high yearly revenue growth, especially in North-American continent and other regions in Asia and South America.

The company is well-funded and financially stable – debt and liabilities are on the very low level.

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Activities and products for this implant manufacturer in Europe

The activities of this company are oriented mainly on the research and production of innovative IP-protected products and platform technologies addressing various challenges in trauma. The company addresses medical needs and complications that burden the healthcare systems all over the world, especially in second and third world countries.

The company has developed new products including new technology for avoiding and reducing surgical site infections. This product is highly innovative and cost effective, also it has wide potential applications like in cardiology or medical instruments. The product has a high potential when put to market in Europe and North America.

The company has also developed IP-protected resorbable implants with great biomechanical properties. This patented technology can be used in future in sports sector or in pediatrics. The implant devices from this company can be used in multiple body parts, including wrist, ankle, elbow, shoulder or knees.

The production of the implants is cost effective and competitive also in low and middle-income countries. The strategy of this company is to grow further internationally through distributors or direct sales and also that is the reason the owners are open to strong investors.

Highlights for the manufacturer for this implant manufacturer in Europe

  • The company is a manufacturer of medical implants and devices.
  • The owners are willing to sell a majority or minority stake in the company to a strong investor in order to make the company grow further internationally.
  • The company is highly innovative and has multiple IP-protected products and production technologies.

Information for this implant manufacturer in Europe

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this implant manufacturing company in Europe for sale. If this implant manufacturing business in Europe does not fit your requirements, feel free to ask for other healthcare companies for sale. If you are interested in buyers of healthcare companies, please visit the section healthcare companies wanted.