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Hotel and SPA project for sale in Estonia

Hotel and SPA for sale

  • Location: Estonia
  • Reason for sale: Shareholder is looking for a strategic buyer


The objective of the project is to develop a hotel and SPA complex near European Union and Russian border in Narva-Jõesuu. This town has been the preferred leisure resort for St. Petersburg and Leningrad county region inhabitants. The property is located in in a unique location at the end of a cape between the Narva River and Gulf of Finland. Distance to the Narva River is 80 meters, and the distance to a 12-kilometre-long sandy beach on the shore of the Gulf of Finland is 250 meters. In Europe, there are 27 standardised medical spas in total, 10 of which are located in Estonia. In Estonia, the Estonian Spa Association consolidated the key spas. The SPA Association has 17 spas as members, 9 of which are medical spas.

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Centre offers to its visitors a wide range of different services for the whole family, where everyone can find something interesting. In SPA there is planned sauna complex with surrounding variety of pools, where customers can relax, use different wellness services and number of relaxing massages. In the complex there is planned contemporary gym to train different muscle groups. At the same time when parents can enjoy different beauty procedures the children can amuse themselves with different water attractions. In the SPA there also planned two conference rooms in different sizes, to serve business clients teaching, seminar and meeting needs.

Hotel and spa development project has a plot size 10 060m2. Building right up to 14 floors with total net closed area 19 000 m2 with four star SPA hotel business plan. Total 135 guest rooms (300 bed places) sizes between 23-30m2

Activities and or products

Main target markets outside Estonia are Russia (St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast), Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.
The target customers are families with age of 25 to 44 years with children, who are seeking a quality holiday and wish to experience new services (this age group has the biggest purchasing power and wants to spend on leisure).
In the Estonian market, significant growth in foreign tourism over the last couple of years is a positive sign. Estonian tourism has recovered from the global crisis and numbers have increased since 2009 with 10% average increase annually. Domestic tourism is also in an upward trend with over 7.7% growth last year.
In 2013 1.9M foreign tourists stayed in Estonia hotels that primarily come from Estonia, Finland and Russia. The total number of Finnish tourists has been relatively stable over the last couple of years, but the inflow of tourists from Russia shows a growing trend, reaching 14% in 2013. Besides the 1.8M tourists that stayed in hotels about 0.7M tourists stayed in free housing (friends, family, own apartment etc.) so in total 2.98M tourists visited Estonia. The total growth of foreign tourists was 3.6% in the previous year. In 2013, domestic tourism increased by 7.7%.

Highlights company for sale

  • There are over 10 million people living in 200 km radius
  • Estonia has been known historically as a resort area with its medical mud that is used also today in the region
  • Already in 1820 Narva-Jõesuu was know as a resort area In 1870 with the building of railroad from St. Petersburg to Haapsalu Narva-Jõesuu quickly became Char's courtier and Russian rich preferred leisure destination.
  • During Soviet Union times Narva-Jõesuu and Pärnu were known leisure destination
  • In Europe, there are 27 accredited medical spas in total, 10 are located in Estonia.
  • There are 17 mebers of SPA association and noumerous smaller smaller SPA hotels

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