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Business of hotel services for sale

Hotel services company Spain for sale

  • Sales 2014 :   2.8 mill Euro aprox.
  • Location: Canary islands Spain
  • Employees: 177
  • Asking price:  1.8 M Euro
  • Open to any proposal: sale, association , creating a “new co”.
  •  #CFIE CGS008

Overview hotel services company for sale

This Business of Comprehensive Hotel Services  began in 2006 and it is very strengthened nowadays. It is located in the Canary Islands and its target is to give the best service of professionals in the Comprehensive Hotel Services: cleaning, maintenance, surveillance, etc ...
This business has as clients the best Hotel chains in the Canary islands.
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Profile (strategy) hotel services company for sale

The Business of Comprehensive hotel Services focuses in all the hotels that need qualified personnel and its target is to prepare them, supervise them and hire them, saving the costs derived from the salary difference in the application of collective agreement and their different functional and geographical movility.
This business integrates a quality system that generates control of all the explicit functions  of the offered services. Having in this way a handbook of specific procedures and making a follow-up  of them with  qualitative indicators of the personnel training, controlled and managed by a service head.

Activities and services of the hotel services company for sale

This Business of Comprehensive hotel Services offers also a friendly and close cooperation with the different departments of the hotel, making complementary tasks as giving towels, placement of hammocks, measurements of chlorine and pH of swimming pools, surveillance, cleaning, manteinance and any other task that the management of the hotel considers appropiate.

Highlights of Business of Comprehensive Hotel Services

Here are some highlights of this Business:
  • Leadership in Canary Islands.
  • Prestige and well known trade mark.
  • Good and stable staff and managers.
  • Yearly and renewable contracts with the hotel chains.
  • Instructors recognized by the Canary Islands Government.

Information on this Business of Comprehensive Hotel Services

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this Spanish Business of Comprehensive hotel Services  that is open for a business sale, creating a NEW CO, alliance, joint venture  or partnership. Fill out contact form (get in touch). For more companies for sale in Spain please visit Spanish companies for sale.