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Hot forging producer for sale

Hot forging producing company looking for investors

  • Hot forging producing company looking for 3m €
  • Business is located just outside Europe
  • Reason for investment: Company is looking for investors to extend its production capacity
  • CFIE T148E

Overview hot forging producer

A middle-sized company in hot forging, just outside Europe wants to extend its production capacity with foreign external capital. They need to expand because of their clients demand. Their efficiency, quality assurance and management are so well organized and appreciated by their clients that they need to satisfy these customer with more production.

The management is open to every form of participation.

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Profile hot forging company for sale

The company owns sufficient expansion space but has a limited amount available to invest for this expansion. They want to increase the output to 1200 tons per month, which represents doubling the current capacity. It is expected that a total investment of 3 million Euro is necessary. Preferably they are looking for investors who require an additional forging source by creating a joint-venture or any other financial cooperation.

The future investor might benefit from the many financial incentives of the local government and take advantage of the logistic chances close to new markets, Middle East and Russian states.


This company has build a well run business. The clients demand surpass currently its own production capacity. Hence, the company needs to increase capacity. If you want to make an investment in a hot forging company we ask your attention for the highlights of this investment opportunity:

  • Profitable business active in hot forging
  • Further opportunities to expand due to high current market demands
  • Business for sale has a good management and loyal customers

Information on this hot forging business

Please request more information about this business for sale. You can use the contact page but a phone call (+31-6-24629234) is suitable as well. If this profile is not suited for you ask for our other businesses for sale or investment opportunities that are not listed here.