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Hosting company Southern Europe for sale

Hosting business Southern Europe for sale

IT or ICT business for sale
  • The sales of the company for sale are above 2,5M EUR annually
  • The location is Southern Europe
  • The company is growing with 10% annually
  • The hosting company employs more than 10 people
  • The EBITDA margin of the hosting business for sale is between 20 and 25%
  • Valuation expectation for 100% of the shares: >3M Euro
  • #CFIE V 010
  • Reason for sale: The owner is a larger IT services company for whom the hosting business is not a strategic part. The owner is not actively looking for a sale, but is open to listen to proposals from interested buyers.

Overview hosting business Southern Europe open for sale

The hosting company for sale is a profitable hosting business in Southern Europe. The hosting business is a market leader that provides services like domain registration and shared hosting services. The company is active in the field of the local association of domain registrar providers and works with this association to provide better services in the field of hosting and domain registration. The owners are not actively looking for a sale, but open to listen to hosting buyers that can make a high level financial proposal quickly without too much information. If this proposal is of interest and falls into the range of the price expectations of the seller (around 6x EBITDA multiple) a deal can be struck pretty quickly.

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Profile (strategy) of hosting business Southern Europe for sale

The company provides high quality hosting service to it’s customer base. The hosting business is active for more than 10 years in the local hosting market. The company has its own data center, located in the country. Its infrastructure is based on fiber, using redundant systems with multiple Internet users. This set-up is used to ensure that a possible failure does not affect the services provided by the hosting business. All the equipment used in the datacenter consists of high quality brands that are recognized internationally for its reliability and stability. The hardware is constantly being monitored by the technical team. The rack servers are assembled and configured by the clients in the companies datacenter which give the customer full control over the hosting platform. Cloud servers are also offered by hosting company (rack space with a flexible amount of server storage).

Products and services hosting business Southern Europe for sale

The hosting business for sale provides various hosting services. These services consist of the following hosting categories:

  • Shared hosting (dedicated hosting plans)
  • Domain Registration
  • DNS
  • Email and office applications
  • VPS (Virtual Private Servers)
  • Other hosting related services

The company enables clients to configure a dedicated server. These servers are fully installed, configured and managed by the hosting business for sale.

Highlights hosting business Southern Europe for sale

  • The hosting company for sale is one of the local market leaders
  • The hosting provider is a profitable business
  • The company has large technical knowledge in the hosting space
  • The company knows further smaller hosting targets that can be acquired
  • The company for sale is open to discuss a sale to a strategic or financial buyer that is open to offer a market conform valuation

Information about this hosting business Southern Europe for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this hosting company for sale. The hosting M&A team of Corporate Finance in Europe knows a large number of targets and businesses for sale in the European hosting industry. We do know a large number of hosting companies across Europe that are open for a sale to hosting buyers. If we know your acquisition requirements in the field of hosting we can bring you in touch with more hosting companies open for a sale.