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Canadian heavy haul transportation company for sale

Heavy haul transportation company for sale

Transportation business for sale
  • The sales of the heavy haul transportation business are below 5M Euro
  • The location of the company for sale is Canada
  • The transportation company employs around 15 experienced people
  • The acquisition would give the buyer a position in Canada with good clients and traffic going from Canada into the US
  • The asking price is around 1,5M CAD
  • Reason for sale: The owner is planning retirement but management can be arranged for the next years.
  • #CFIE T189

Overview heavy haul transportation company

The heavy haul transportation company open for a sale is a well-established Canadian family owned company focusing on transportation of heavy equipment for the mining and oil and gas industry. The company has over twenty years of experience in heavy haul road transport. The business is specialized in heavy haul transportation. The Company´s sales are around EUR 5 million. The company has good experience in Canada in the heavy haul transportation industry build up during many years. The company is managed by the owner who has many years experience in the industry but wants to retire. Get more information about this heavy haul transportation company for sale in Canada now.

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Strategy heavy haul transportation company

The strategy is to be active in heavy haul transportation with a focus on specific industries that are booming like the oil and gas and the mining industry. The company transports mainly large equipment and vehicles for these industries. The company focuses on cross border transportation between the Canadian and US border. The company has an own fleet of own trucks and trailers that are specifically suited for the transport of heavy haulage.
Services of the transportation business for sale
The transportation business open for a sale is active in heavy haul transportation in Canada and the US. It can help a foreign (US) company quickly to establish a position in the Canadian market of heavy haulage. The main services it offers are the transportation of specialized equipment for the mining and oil and gas industry.

Highlights of the transportation business

  • The business has large experience in the heavy haulage transportation
  • The company has sales around five million Euro
  • A foreign buyer can get a presence in Canada directly with relevant experience and licences
  • Certification: The company has all relevant certifications
  • The company for sale has an accredited transporters membership
  • The company has experience in cross border transportation between Canada and the US

Information about this Canadian heavy haulage transportation business

Feel free to contact us for details about this heavy haul transportation business for sale in Canada. If you are looking for a company that provides transportation services it is good to contact us as we know other available business for sale. A phone call is also suitable (+31-6-24629234) if you want to be informed about forwarding, transportation or other warehousing and transportation related businesses for sale.